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  • Seedbox refunds

    Like to inform about a few experiences regarding refund policies. All refunds have been asked for in time according to sb providers rules.

    GOOD + Feral hosting real quick and professional refund, bitcoin and other payments

    BAD - EvoSeedbox, NO refund at all on PayPal payment, should be easy to refund

    BAD - UltraSeedbox, NO refund at bitcoin payment

    Do you have any opinions on refund policies, feel free to comment.

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    Refund conditions are usually mentioned clearly by the providers. However, certain providers like evo, ultra, ..etc have bad business practices. There have been lots of complaints on reddit regarding this. So, it is prudent on the purchaser's side to actually exercise caution when he/she is buying from any provider. Read the doc carefully, if you have any doubt ask the provider via e-mail. Then proceed.