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    Not sure if i was suppose to create this in the Help section or here since it's more closely related to seedboxes but here i go. Need help with a little bit of cross-seeding. i'm trying to figure out how to tell rtorrent to search through a folder path recursivley and seed a torrent with a directory that already exists for that torrent. For example, Lets say i have a folder called /home/user/downloads/tracker/newmedia/medianame/upload. I want to tell rtorrent to search through /home/user/downloads/tracker/newmedia/ then seed the torrent.

    All releases get sent to the top dir structure of /home/user/downloads/tracker/newmedia which is what the rtorrent.rc is pointing to. So a .torrent from a different trackergets imported and sent to rtorrent. Now in rtorrent.rc my download path is set to /home/user/downloads/tracker/newmedia which is a problem because when it tries to cross-seed it downloads the new torrent and creates a new folder in /home/user/downloads/tracker/newmedia/NEWMEDIANAME instead of hashing through the folder path to find the existing folder called /medianame/upload and seeding the torrent.

    I've been playing around with this script located here [SCRIPT] AUTO CROSS-SEED WITH RUTORRENT AUTODL-IRSSI but this takes straight to rtorrent and downloads as described above.

    Are there any parameters or switches that i need to add in my .rtorrent.rc? Been looking everywhere but can't find anything.


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