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  • What are Xirvik like

    I'm having problems with my current seedbox so I am looking at changing provider, what are Xirvik like.

    The prices look good but what is the service and speed like. Are they fast at acting on problems?

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    I was with them for 1yr plus. I had 2 TB 100mb line dedi. support was excellent, used them 3 times and gave me reply and or fix within a few hours. Also with the dedi you get a shoutbox with active members helping members. was getting 12mbps down and about 2-5 up depending on freshness (upload was never an issue for me- needed box for long term seeding) I changed to cloudboxie for 4 tb on a faster line for about the same price - $35 month. I would recommend either but xirvik is more established IMHO but happy with both, if I wasn't getting more storage I would still be with Xirvik - have a look around there is a thread with a discount code, oh and you also get additional discount for 3 months payment