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  • Fast and affordable SB

    I want to find seedbox that has better upload speed
    Budget: 15$/month or 150/annual
    Storage: More than 450GB
    Speed: 100Mbps/1Gbps doesn't matter

    I currently subscribe SB at seedboxsolutions

    But the upload speed a bit slow..
    I got 100+ leecher but ul speed not even reach 1MB/s sometime reach

    Total up speed 1MB/s - 3MB/s usually..

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    Try They have coupon code available too so first month is cheaper. Anyway, I think you will love it if you try it. Speed is amazing for that price.


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      Try They have coupon code available so you get discount for first month too.
      I have one seedbox from there ad speed are amazing. I am sure that you will love it if you try it.


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        I stronly suggest ->
        You will definitely find a plan that suits your needs. If a plan you are after, is out of stock, drop them an e-mail and I am sure they will find a quick solution.
        Reviews for this company can be found here ->
        In a few words, fast , reliable servers, prompt and professional support


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          Tal0ne have some great products at low cost.


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            Definitely check out Tal0ne, I am currently on their premium seedbox Cardboard and just love it which would be half of what your budget is. With your budget you would have some more choice of more storage or speed or maybe a little of both


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              MMM... Let me think, who do I recommend?
              Oh yeah Tal0ne

              And just to show Im not totally biased, I have used before I discovered Tal0ne and they are the fastest boxes I have ever used... So fast that my 4TB upload limit went in about 3 days.
              Whereas Tal0ne are unlimited traffic, so they will always get my vote.


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                I would definitely recommend Tal0ne. If you want to give them a try they have some trial plans as well so you can get a good feel for them. Also I hear their support is very good (I never had to use them - so that may you tell you more).