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FTP Server on dedi-server

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  • FTP Server on dedi-server

    Hi guys,
    I need some help to understand how can I do something in a dedi server with Ubuntu Server.
    I want to create a FTP server to share my stuff with friends...

    I would like to lock all of them on my download directory, and I want to use virtual users... not local users...

    Also I would like to set a max of 8 simultaneous connections per user.... and (I don't know if it's possible) set a rule like "if user A is connected from one IP, block any possible connections from the same user using a different IP"... I don't know if that's possible... It's to avoid to have "shared users".

    Anyone can give me a clue? For that purpose, is VSFTPD better than ProFTPd?

    Thanks and sorry for so many questions in the same topic!

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    To limit the numbers of connections per user to 8
    max_per_ip = 8

    I'd recommend this guide to setup virtual users, haven't tried it myself.