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Real time syncing?

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  • Real time syncing?

    I'm looking at possibly getting a seedbox, but I don't like the idea of having to do a two pass download. Is there any application that can (in real-time) trickle the received data to your local server as it is downloaded from the seedbox?

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    There is an interesting solution to this, and haven't seen much on it, does your seedbox support AjaxExplorer?

    AjaxExplorer has a WebDAV plugin, you can export a directory, and mount it as a drive under Windows

    The schema of this would be fairly straight forward:

    RTorrent/RUTorrent --> Download directory
    AutoMove plugin completed trigger --> Copy of DL to WebDAV exported directory
    Integration tool, or script --> Data enriched Download Filed into MediaLibrary

    For the integration tool you could use something like SyncBack, MediaCenterMaster under windows.

    This wouldn't be as fast as say lftp script triggered from AutoTools, or even rsync under cygwin, but would be realtime (the moment the download is done it would appear on your windows box ), and is seamless.

    Has anyone tried using WebDAV?


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      Dunno that sounds like a windows thing. Though my desktop systems run windows, my server is linux.

      Anyways, I think I might have found my solution, and it is much simpler: It seems rsync also does block level deltas in addition to file level deltas. I previously thought it only did file level deltas. There's also unison for two way block level delta sync, but I only need one way.


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        There is a piece of software I use called syncovery... It is capable if real time one way syncing and can account for files moved or deleted on the b side without an issue.


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          AjaxExplorer is Web/Linux, WebDav is platform agnostic, other than HTTP...

          Glad you found a way that works for you.


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            Originally posted by Weaselbuddha View Post
            [SIZE=3][FONT=trebuchet ms]This wouldn't be as fast as say lftp script triggered from AutoTools...
            Hmmm, I hadn't thought of that. Sounds like it could be useful. How exactly would you trigger a script with autotools? And to be useful autotools would have to be able to pass the path of the downloaded item to the script, no?
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              We've done this, in the plugins directory or rutorrent, you need to add a few lines to move.php, so the automove calls your lftp script once the move is complete.

              You can also accomplish the same thing by capturing the rtorrent events and triggering a script, but is harder to script and debug, catching events in rtorrent is documented here:


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                BTW, WebDAV _is_ HTTP (a protocol extension). And it's no different to other download solutions, since if you open a file, it still has to be downloaded under the hood.

                An actual alternative for the OP's request would be to DropBox the completion folder tree (which is fully automatic, even when not "real-time").


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                  Yep, the plumbing is HTTP, and slower than FTP. But, and I haven't tried it, the advantage is that you can use windows explorer / disk semantics to transfer data from your seedbox - it just looks like a file on a drive, and you can use the windows applications you would use (like syncback, XBMC, MCM, etc) to work the file on your seedbox.


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                    Hi cavalry, It is interesting to do this for low seeder files I guess but mostly my seedbox populates soooo fast it doesn't take very long for the seedbox to get the whole file then I just start flash fxp and start downloading the slow ride home. :) You might find your results to be the same.