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Looking For 2 Staff For Upcoming SeedBox Company

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  • Looking For 2 Staff For Upcoming SeedBox Company

    As the title says. I am looking for 2 people who write well, and are interested in writing articles on, torrenting, Seedboxes, VPS Hosting. These can be guides and tutorials, tips and tricks, industry news, etc etc.. Your writing needs to be well structured, use proper grammar, gud spelling :) and engaging. I would also need your help in testing our systems.

    Those 2 people will receive a free seedbox for as long as they remain active staff. I would require a article each every 2 weeks and if you want to do more than that than by all means it is welcome.

    The SeedBox (actually a KVM VPS) Stats will look something like:

    450 GB Disk
    100 mbit connection (unlimited transfer)
    4 GB RAM
    KVM Virtualization
    Root Access: Yes
    Public trackers: NO
    Max Users Per Server: 4
    Location: OVHs new DC in Montreal

    You will have full control of your VPS through WHMCS for re-installs, reboots, rdns, monitoring, etc.. I would also ask that you join me on our IRC whenever possible as I get lonely! Please only apply for this if you are a stable long-term type of person. I am hoping to have at least the test boxes up this weekend, the site may not be until next weekend. For the right people these positions could turn out being paid in the future depending on how it all goes.

    You must be experienced with rtorrent/rutorrent and seedboxes + torrents in general. In order to apply you will need to join me on IRC so i can talk with and get to know you a little. Be patient I am the king of AFK!


    Channel: #vpseedbox


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    1 position is filled so far. I should mention accepted persons are on a 30 day trial to see if they are a good fit.