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Want to have your thread stickied?

Anyone can purchase a sticky thread here.

Simply create a thread and PM me the url.

NOTE: Only Sponsors can advertise in their signatures or have more than one open advertisement thread.
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README Rules and Advertising Inquiries

VIP members may ask you for a free 1 week trial.

You must comply within 24 hrs or your threads will be closed.

The box must have:

10 gigs space

50 gigs transfer

1 week duration

At minimum...

Up to two trial boxes can be asked PER THREAD. Consider this payment for opening an advertising thread.

The member must then review your services and post this review to your thread. If s/he does not then report them to a moderator. They similarly have 24 hrs to comply.

If you have paid for a sticky thread this does NOT apply to you. Become a paid sponser to have a sticky thread of your own.


Anyone is able to post ad advertisement here for free at anytime. Of course there are a few rules and they are as follows:

1. You must provide 2 trials to VIPs in lieu of payment for this advertisement thread. The box must have: 10 gigs space, 50 gigs transfer, 1 week duration,

At minimum...

You have 24 Hours to comply with the above or thread will be Closed

2. A successful trial must be accompanied by a review 24 Hours after completion of trial there will be no tolerance of this rule being overlooked

3. VIPs are allowed 1 trial per Month. All successful trial awarded must be annotated on the thread

4. You are only allowed 1 thread open for 30 Days for free upon after 30 Days you can either renew via providing 2 additional trials to 2 VIPs or buy a sticky

5. There is to be no mundane bumping of threads in this section. You want your thread on top buy a sticky. You are free to post if there was a major shake up with services or whatever you may have in your Company or to answer any questions from a potential customers

6. Links are only allowed in the original post, there is to be no further posting of any external links on your thread or it will be closed. In the same token you are not to post links on your signature of any kind unless you are a Sponsor. Sponsors are not subject to the linking rules of this area

7. There are to be no more giveaways in this area the only trials that are to be given here are the 2 that were allocated for payment of thread. Vendors giveaways would go on Vendor's Trials from hereon out. In the same token non-VIPs are not allowed to post for trials in this area only in the new section. Again Sponsors are free to provide trials if they see fit in both areas
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  • | Fast & High End Seedboxes | Starting at 9.99€/mo!

    Hello all! We are more than pleased to introduce our services to this amazing community!

    Back in the day, Seedboxes were considered a luxury and the magical ratio booster! Nowadays though, most agree that not having a Seedbox is unheard of, both for security reasons and speed-wise as well. Yet a serious question arises: “which Seedbox provider shall I go for?”

    Answering the above is not an easy task! What makes stand above the rest?

    Just to name a few of the PRO advantages you will get from us:
      Sophisticated dashboard and browser-based control center, offering multi-platform and mobile support.
      Fully automated system that takes less than a minute to get everything up and running.
      Hosted in Germany, using elite grade carriers, for minimum latency and max bandwidth. All servers have gigabit connections!
    • DATA PROTECTION has a very strict data protection policy. Respects customer privacy by keeping an absolute minimum of personal details. No data or info is ever handed to anyone.
      All plans include unmetered traffic, this means seeding with “super powers”! WHILE MOST SEEDBOX PROVIDERS will claim the same, they LIE and cap their customers for seeding TBs of data! That’s where comes ahead of all!
      A dedicated ticketing system support team with extensive knowledge base, guaranteed to solve any issue. Always friendly and ready to assist!
      All server hardware has been selected for maximum performance and availability.
      The longest list of apps you can probably find. All major protocols are supported, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, Newsgroups, IRC, Torrent. Everything easily accessible via browser.
      If you are unhappy for any reason or have any issues, you can ask for a refund within the first week of your service.
    • PLEX / EMBY SERVERS higher class plans come with support for a dedicated plex and emby server that let you stream all your media content to any device.
      To protect customer privacy, security and improve overall network speed, public trackers are not allowed, leading to massively higher speeds!

    Our current plans and pricing is as follows!

    Come give us a try. We promise you will not regret it

    Lets reshape the Seedbox Universe together!


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    New updates
    check it out


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      New updates
      check it out


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        the best ever


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