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  • Originally posted by sahibunlimited View Post
    Was using this with iptorrents for a long time...received a warning the first time today
    We're working on it still.

    Originally posted by l33bot View Post
    It didn't even gave TD the info for downloading the torrent. No seed no leech. I got almost 10 GB UL data when TD doesn't even received a single byte. Please do fix your service first. This is very bad for me since I just tried your $0.19 cents promo and I'm really disappointed with this.

    Thank You
    So let me get this straight, you're really disappointed about something in BETA that you paid 19 cents for?

    Anyway, as per the ticket you raised as well, this was a TD fault nothing to do with us, so perhaps keep these sorts of things to tickets as they are individual problems not problems with the service as a whole.


    • Hi

      Have been using for about 2 months now and very happy with it.
      Was away for a week and now cant login,
      Have tried to resend password but site keeps telling me that the bold characters were not entered properly even though i have now tried dozens of times (it's difficult to differentiate the bold text, but i'm pretty positive i'm entering them correctly)

      I cant even register a new account because of this bold character problem, any suggestions?

      Is the site having problems at the moment?

      Thanks very much in advance


      • No the site isn't having problems, likely you're behind a proxy of some sort and its messing with the bold. Or perhaps your browser, in which case try another.

        Also likely when you signed up you made a mistake with your email, you wouldn't believe how many people make typos and then have the same problem :/


        • Hi,

          does this seebox safely work with bit-hdtv?


          • It should, see if they allow deluge 1.3.6


            • what s new iptorrents ??? thx


              • Originally posted by JustSeed_It View Post
                So let me get this straight, you're really disappointed about something in BETA that you paid 19 cents for?
                Yes, from what I read, that's what he said.


                • paid with bitcoins yesterday how long does it take to go through ?


                  • non-mtgox take about an hour, sometimes a bit more. mtgox pretty much instant.


                    • tristen

                      I just responded to you for my open ticket. freeleech torrents which have hundreds of leechers and just added today also display stopped status every few minutes. Can you please assist?


                      • got no help at all after i paid for 20gigs with bitcoins. i got told to make an actual payment which i did 6 days ago. the free service has been great so far though really wish i would have just used paypal .


                        • If you paid then it would have gone through to our system. If you PM your email or the bitcoin payment details I can check.


                          • Some feedback:

                            the unlimited space
                            the unlimited time limit for using bandwidth.
                            actual speed is usually near gigabit
                            decent prices

                            uploading mass torrents (tv episodes mostly). Is impossible at one at at time.
                            downloading mass files (sigh. tv again). is impossible to do, one at a time.
                            webui speed is slow, cumbersome, and i generally just do not like it, in anyway.
                            I have waited over 15 minutes for it to update before, only to find that my torrents havent even started.
                            Low time times for deleted data (some sites require 7-15 day seeding time)
                            RSS does not work with any of my sites.

                            ftp would solve two of my issues.
                            using a remote client like deluge to access my seedbox would solve two of my issues.
                            prices are good for the shortterm, bad for the long. my ovh box costs $12.5 per month. I push 5-8tb per month.

                            over all,quite happy with the model. 7 out of 10. I appreciate being apart of your experiment.
                            Last edited by songokussm; November 1, 2013, 09:33 PM.


                            • Thanks for that!

                              We've also added create torrent ability now!


                              • How long does it take for the download to kick off in the free account ?