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    Originally posted by CrAcKtR0 View Post
    What datacenter are your servers hosted at?
    F. A. Q. - ChmuraNet Forum
    , Holland
    which means prob evoswitch/leaseweb


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      Yes, Amsterdam.

      Actually we are at the Switch DC - we have redundant backbone providers, Cogent, Zayo, and Level 3, and uplinks to AMS-IX & NL-IX

      How we got there is a bit of a Story.
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        Originally posted by bigyellowbirds View Post
        I pay with paypal, so not sure what else they accept.
        They do take other forms beside paypal. When you get to the paypal login screen, just below it - it states " If you don't have a paypal account you can pay with your debit card with the following logos. Visa, Mastercard.

        One thing I can say about the service of Chmuranet is that it IS EXCELLENT. I am not a member nor am I associated with them. Just a client. I can tell you this much I am a newb to Linux/Seedboxes/Apps. I have pestered them with questions via email and I normally get a response within 30 minutes 99.9% of the time. By the way I have bothered them at 1am 3am 5pm my timezone. And I have gotten a response. To me that is by far the best in service. Not only that, they actually take the time to guide you and teach you to get you going as quickly as possible. Yet, I am the type of person that tries first and asks later. They do deserve to be looked at. Am I happy with them?- heck yeah!

        Have a great day!


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          Had a spat of "Can you send me a speed test" requests.

          Folks should understand on a semi-dedicated service, that meaningful numbers are hard you come by. It is highly variable, here are two speed tests from two different machines, around the same time, both are max'ed out in terms of users (8 active users on both machines). Both machines are configured identically, both have an unmetered 1Gbps pipe, from the same supplier.

          RESULT ONE

          RESULT TWO

          Wait an hour and the numbers would be completely different.

          Both have more than acceptable speeds, but are night and day in terms of speed. This is why speed tests like these are not a good indicator of your performance you'll get on your server.

          Taking a look at real life performance, like the numbers I posted earlier are a much better (still not great) indicator of performance.


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            I just signed up for your service and I'm excited to see what kind of speeds I can get. I will post some screenshots for members here once I DL/UL a few things. I'll also write a review of my experience (in the review forums) once I get some time in on the server. It almost sounds too good to be true compared to what else I've seen available. Not going to lie, I'm a little hesitant because I did some research and really couldn't find any other reviews or comments about your service. Gonna give it a go though and see how it measures up against my box!
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              Welcome to the service!

              Have any issues, let me know.


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                This looks promising, and I can't wait to see some user reviews!

                I have to say it is nice to see more seedbox providers opening up to the idea of colocation (the only other one I know of is Trapid Servers). Since you have a sizable investment in physical hardware, it seems very unlikely that you would suddenly close down and let your expensive servers collect dust in storage.

                The $60 price is a bit on the steep side of my budget (actually it's $15 over my max), but you are certainly offering a lot of value for that $60. I see there is a space on the order page for a promotional code...will you be offering any sort of discounts now or in the near future?


                • #23
                  Thank You, you sound like the kind of member we are looking for.

                  We have a couple unofficial reviews here already, and there is a review by a user called "Kilgore Trout" out elsewhere. Folks have told me the bar is just a bit high here to only post a single review, with the 10% introduction process.

                  We are relatively new, and don't offer any hard incentives to review the service. What few reviews we have, they are genuine.

                  I must admit that the pricing issue drives me a little nuts. I see quite a bit of scrambling for the lowest possible price, people creating threads titled "Anyone know where I can find an unmetered 10G dedicated server with at least petabyte of storage for no more than six dollars, that is Singapore dollars, per month....."

                  We seem to be our own worst enemy, we snap up the 13 dollar highly limited service, then complain that the service is over sold, not well serviced, and incredibly limited. At $13 what did you expect?

                  At sixty dollars our margins are razor thin, and with the hardware investment we won't be turning a profit anytime soon.

                  The promotion code is a bit of historical artifact, when we first started we offered a partner discount to get people in the door, and only use it now for folks getting their second or third server. Currently there is no plan to change that.

                  Everyone involved in bringing up Chmuranet is a seedbox user. Users that were disgruntled or disappointed with other services they had encountered - with a bit of hubris we thought we could do better and imagined what would be the "ideal service", a rational service at a reasonable price. The service we had always searched for but couldn't find.
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                    Wow very nice.Just what I was looking for and cheap.:)


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                      I'll be posting a full review shortly, but here are a few first impressions I've made over the past couple of weeks.

                      My seeding habits are unusual, I'm usually running a thousand or more high traffic torrents simultaneosly. My experience so far has been extremely similar to bigyellowbirds. Brilliant customer service(I've bugged Weaselbudda quite a lot with issues I've been having with my own personal setup, and he's always replied quickly and helped me out with things he had no reason to), brilliant speeds (I've currently got two boxes, one gives me 25MB/s down, 10MB/s up, the other 60MB/s down, 25MB/s up) and no traffic's or throttling. Most other seedboxes I've used in the past have choked when handling this many torrents, but I've had to such problem here.

                      Root access is also extremely useful, and I've been running both a website and an XDCC bot with no issues and without affecting torrents.

                      All in all, I'd definately give Chmuranet 10/10. It may be more expensive than the competition, but both speeds and customer service are far better than any other box I've tried.


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                        I am interest in knowing what is the refund policy?

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                          Refund policy is pretty rational but not written in stone, you have issues we can't solve, we'll issue a refund. We are more likely to offer a refund towards the beginning of your membership or renewal, then at the end.

                          So far we've offered refunds to three users (they had problems we had no control over), none have taken us up on it.

                          In our FAQ, see the question:
                          I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Not Going to Take it Anymore!


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                            Good Luck
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                              I have ordered a server to test out, I look forward to receiving my details :)


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                                Have any issues or questions, or just comments

                                Write [email protected]