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Anyone is able to post ad advertisement here for free at anytime. Of course there are a few rules and they are as follows:

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  • Originally posted by memumet View Post
    Hello sir.

    I am just asking, are you out of the business for selling the servers ?
    As I see and try, when visiting your website, I can't login the the client area.
    I mean, I don't see any client are page, like submit ticket, seeing services, etc.
    I need to know if you want to cut loose the service so I will prepare the move of my data.
    I don't hope that you're quit the business for sure, but I need to make sure. :)

    Meanwhile, I have little problem with one of my server about the HDD.
    It's kinda of failing since I have report a lot of relocate sector in pending.
    If you kindly have time, please check your email. I sent it 5 days ago but I don't see that you see it already.

    I am posting on your thread, since I can't PM you.

    Thanks for your time and reply.
    Hmm, no idea about why you cant log into the client area, nobody else is reporting issues. You'd need to though in order for me to help you coz without a ticket it becomes rather hard to keep track of issues, and tbh cant really figure out who you are from your username here. So, if you could get on irc here I could help you get your password reset on the site so you can log into the client area and start a proper ticket, or alternatively could please resend the email, not sure I got it and we can go through that to get your credentials reset and then I can help with your issue.


    • Do you still have:

      UK server
      Processor: Dual Core Intel® 3.06Ghz i3-540
      Memory: 8GB
      Hard Drive: 2 x 1TB SATA 7.200RPM
      IP Allocation: 4 Usable IP Addresses (RIPE /29)
      Remote Management: DRAC Enterprise Server Management Card
      Dedicated 1Gbps port (150TB Bandwidth)
      Price $95

      Or something close to a 1 Gbit line in both directions up and down?


      • Hi - are you still around supplying servers?