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  • [Sports] FootyTorrents (FT) Review

    Hello, It's my First Review in T-I
    First excuse me for my english.

    Has another review of the Forum Footy Torrents here but the images are deleted, so I'm making a new.

    Official Page: Footy Torrents - Football Matches & Highlights
    Signup: Footy Torrents - Football Matches & Highlights

    Footy Torrents is the best tracker for Football (Soccer).
    Most of the televised games are posted on the tracker.
    The torrents posted are more championships in the first divisions throughout europe (UEFA Champions League, Europe League, Euro 2012 Qualification, English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga and etc....).

    Speed of pre-time is very good (releases and cap of users in tracker).
    Speed in downloads is good, small torrents in Non-Seeded (to be exact, only 20 torrents in at the moment).

    Free Leech most often are for 720p or higher.

    The tracker you have the option of contacting the staff and to reserve the game you will capture and make available exclusively to the tracker after.


    Lastest News (Home):

    Tracker Info:


    Cap Calendar (Reserve Matches of Users):



    Seed Bonus:




    - Virtually all televised games of the most important European leagues.
    - Unique qualities of some games (1080p and etc...).
    - Cap of the official channel of teams (MUTV, Arsenal 360 and etc...).
    - Rare and Classics Matches in tracker.


    - Not everybody likes the word "share", most users download the torrent and are not more than 4 days seedier.
    - 2nd division championships are not popular in the tracker.
    - Impossible to download News torrents.
    - few users with good connections (VPS, Seedbox....)


    Total Members: 20619
    Torrent(s): 3536
    Traffic: 3,917.13 TB

    Official Page: Footy Torrents - Football Matches & Highlights
    Signup: Footy Torrents - Football Matches & Highlights

    IRC: irc://
    Twitter: nhltorrents (nhltorrents) on Twitter

    That's All Folks!
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    T-I Thanks For All

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    Re: | FT | Sports | 2011

    Best football tracker so far as I know, you can get most of the Champions League, Premier League and Bundesliga matches with pretty nice speed and freeleech, for Liga Serie A or other leagues nothing is guaranteed and pretime could be aweful, they should also regularly put scene releases on the tracker


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      Re: | FT | Sports | 2011

      this tracker shared its accounts with a couple other sports trackers, and plus others i cant remember, and they've now merged into one mega-site As the OP mentioned, "sharing" could use some work. Although I honestly think thats the nature of sports torrents -- old games just arent popular. To maintain your ratio on this site you basically have to jump on a torrent in the first 12 hours of its release, or , or take advantage of a free leech opportunity. one thing they do that I think is great is the cap-calendar -- people sign up saying they'll cap a particlar game. The site needs more patrons... right now there are very few cappers, sadly.