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  • [General] Sparvar (SPV) Review

    :: Site's Name : Sparvar.Org ::

    :: URL : log::in ::

    :: Sign Up : invites only ::

    :: Logo ::

    Sparvar is a Swedish general tracker. Tracker has a decent amount of good, rare contents. Other than the Swedish contents, they offer good old DVD's, which may not be easily found from other sites. Most of them have seedboxes or high quality broadband connections. Speeds are quite impressive because of the majority of the seedbox connections. Forum is extremely active and has a sub English forum too. This is from the English sub forum.

    Sparvar is swedish for sparrows, a plump brown-grey bird with short tails and stubby, powerful beaks. Now, why would anyone name a tracker after a bird. Usually tracker names include cool words such as torrent, scene, leech or if it is a swedish tracker in most cases the prefix swe.

    It goes back to the court proceedings against The Pirate Bay. Monique Wadsted, one of the prosecutors and representing the american film companies in The Pirate Bay trial, became infamous for her 'fried sparrows' analogy of file sharing in her final statement, on the last day of the trial:

    (translated from swedish, translation stolen from a blogg on the net)

    To consume movies and TV shows through The Pirate Bay is like lying on your back and let fried sparrows fly into your mouth, regardless of whether or not you’re hungry. The sparrows are also piled up around you so you can consume them whenever you want, requiring no effort on your part.

    And, to cut a long story short, the tracker was named Sparrows, or Sparvar in swedish.

    Also, the user classes have been named to fit the sparrow theme. When you join you are a sparrow baby. Banned users are fried sparrows and staff are ornithologists.

    Well if you spend more time in the forums, eventually you will be friends with many people. English sub forum and the main forum are useful but in main page most of topics are in Swedish. They have a feature call popular torrents. It goes as popular torrents in the current week and the last week. Here is an image of the most popular torrents of the week. Tracker also has freeleech torrents. The torrents with the bird symbol are freeleech.

    There are over 9.5k torrents and over 5.5k users as of Nov 18. Most of the torrents well seeded. Most old torrents have good speeds and few or at least one seeder.Torrents are divided into two sections such as new torrents and archive torrents.

    :: Home Page ::

    :: Categories ::

    :: Browse Page ::
    This is the browse page merged with new and archive torrents.

    New torrents

    Archive torrents
    - DVD(PAL), HD movies and TV series.

    :: Forums ::
    As you can see from the image below there are many threads and posts.

    :: Rules ::


    • Respect the staff. Do you have comments on how something has been done, send a staffpm. Do not turn around to the forum at the views around the staff's work.

    • It is prohibited to link a person's AFK-identity with an account here or on any other page on the web. A warning will be awarded first and second time leads to the ban. If the offense against this rule seriously enough, it will lead directly to the shutdown. This also applies to your own identity. There are no exceptions to this rule and apply over the whole site, including PM. Data listed as tying: Full name, personal id, address, IP, phone, photo without permission (more may be added to - be safe than sorry). The rule also applies to links that point to that kind of information.

    • Only one (1) account per person is permitted.

    • We want a mature level of the page. Improper behavior leads to the warning.

    • When you get three warnings, your account will be turned off, you can then apply for amnesty after 3 months.

    • Changing invites on forums or chat rooms is strictly prohibited and will lead to direct power off. Invit Begging is not acceptable. The same applies to donate / exchange / desired accounts.

    • It is not allowed to post advertisements or referrer-link somewhere on the page.

    • To claim that you did not know the rules will not make you immune to them. It is up to users to stay updated on the page rules.

    Forum and Comments

    • Any form of political views would be considered hate speech or offensive, whether in text, image or link, is allowed on the sparrows!

    • All offensive and threatening material is strictly prohibited, whether written threats is prohibited. Applies to both homophobic lines as racist. We have zero tolerance for this, is not followed these two points, you may be banned from the board and the torrent comments, or banned!

    • Stick to the topic, and work to create a good atmosphere in the forum.

    • No spoilers in the torrent comments.

    • Bump no threads in the forum in vain! A bump is okay as long as it has been over 48 hours since your previous post.

    Bumpning means that repetitive typing forum posts in the thread for it to "jump up" in the forum. To dig up old threads is ok!

    • "Seed," remarks are prohibited, respect the uploader! Turn to the thread in the forum.

    • Comment field is primarily for comments on the release in question! Ie. picture and sound quality, subtitles in Customs, etc.

    • Want to request a torrent, then do it under 'Request' which is located in the menu and not in the forum.

    Materials allowed to be uploaded:

    • Svensktaligt materials.

    • Foreign material with Swedish subtitles.

    • Scene and non-scene (P2P) may be uploaded. P2P releases must hold equal or higher quality than what you would expect from a scene-release. DVDR must be ISO / IMG. P2P releases must be marked as P2P uploading (see the upload page).

    • The material must be uploaded in their original formats. If the release was released packed in RAR, it must be uploaded packed in their original files, with sfv, the original name and so on. Released release unpacked, it should not be packed before being uploaded, but charged that it was released.

    • Series with many sections must be uploaded to a pack. That is not 100 scrubs-section of the line as separate torrents.

    • Non-Swedish material, but hard-coded or included subs may be charged if subtitles are uploaded along with them. Tex in the HD category. These must be packed in one. ZIP or. Rar file and must be intended for the specific release - so they must of course act in the film. These subs are not included in the torrent but charged separately on the upload page.

    • Releases earlier than seven days must be uploaded to the archive, newer torrents be up in New. (Note that you must have special rights to be able to upload the new)

    Materials NOT allowed

    • No blandpacks. Blandpacks self-made packs with themes such as Chuck.Norris.Alla.Filmer or Best.Horror.Movies.Ever. Pack's release of the scene is ok. Not sure what a particular pack is, contact the staff before uploading.

    We also do not allow complete series pack, it must be recharged seasonally.

    • No porn! Neither Swedish, foreign or homegrown.

    :: FAQ ::

    click here to see the full detailed FAQ page

    * General
    o • What bittorrent client are allowed?
    o • Request
    o • How do I use the downloaded files?
    o • How do I post a torrent of seed that I have on your computer without downloading it again?
    o • Why do my downloads sometimes at 99%?
    o • What is CLOSE to what I'm seeding torrents?
    o • It says that I am not connectable even though I am there! New
    o • Where is the track whose IRC channel and how do you get in?
    o • How can I remove the certificate errors, such as: "Do you want to show only the content on the web page delivered in a secure manner?" when I'm browsing with IE on New

    * Users

    o • User Classes
    o • What needs to be promoted to a higher user class? Updated
    o • Ring-labeled? Wing Clipped? Raise? Fried? What is the difference between all these sparrows which are in the statistics? New
    o • What is bird seed, and how do I get it?
    o • Beware of bad ratio?
    o • How do I become a uploader on
    o • What is the difference between "normal" and "paranoid" security under control panel? New
    o • Where do I cough my avatar? Updated
    o • What is the buffer?

    :: User Classes ::

    [LIST][*][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Sparrow Kid - The class that all start with, no special benefits[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/LIST]
    [LIST][*][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue] Sparrow - Has access to the Top 10 and other statistics. Can request and see snatches / peers for torrents. No wait. Can currently buy and use invites.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/LIST]
    [LIST][*][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue] Raised Sparrow - Has access to its own forum. Can add the IMDB information to torrents that have not already.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/LIST]
    [LIST][*][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue] Divine Sparrow - Highest user class. A little to be regarded as gods.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/LIST]
    [LIST][*][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue] Honorary Sparrow - VIP. Access to the VIP Forum.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/LIST]
    [LIST][*][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue] Uploader - Can upload new torrents.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/LIST]
    [LIST][*][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue] Staff - We are here for you![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/LIST]
    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue] 
    Donor - Has donated more than 60sek.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]
    Donor - Has donated more than 120SEK.
    Donor - Has donated more than 200SEK.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

    :: Bonus System ::
    This is their bonus system and how it works. Bonus points/seeds depend on the seeding time, Uploaded torrents......

    :: Invite System ::

    You can always use your bonus points to get an invite. User class of
    Sparrow and above classes can have the ability to buy and use invites.

    :: IRC Details ::

    Server :
    Channel :

    :: Betting System ::

    Click here to see the full detailed page of the betting system

    :: Stats ::

    Tracker has few guide lines about ratio.

    Overall a great tracker with good Swedish and other contents and speeds. There is also a request section. Normally request are filled quickly. As I said the community is very active. They have a lot of DVDs with Swedish subtitles. Also TV series can be found here. Somewhat hard to obtain and invite. But there is another way to get in. The application. You can find the application form the log in page.

    Great speeds, contents and well seeded torrents.
    Very active and knowledgeable community.
    Rare stuff.

    It's a Swedish tracker so most of the topics in Swedish. For someone who doesn't understand Swedish, have to use a translator like google translator(well I do).
    Maybe sort of hard to seed.

    Speed: 9/10

    Content: 9/10
    Community : 9/10
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  • #2
    Just wanted to add that there is one more way to get in to Sparvar. I mean application form is still open:

    Inasmuch I'm fluent in Swedish here is a translation:
    Application for a invite
    Fill out the form correctly otherwise your application will automatically be denied. All fields are required. Read the rules and FAQ before you apply. You must also read and accept the user agreement before you search. It can take up to 24 hours before you get your invite. Do not forget to check your SPAM folder!

    User Agreement
    Along with your application you must enclose proof of membership in at least one other respectable tracker - see below accepted. This works by adding a code in your public profile on election tracker. This profile must be accessible to all - which means that you are on some trackers also need to lower the level of anonymity. If your profile can not be accessed, or if the code is not there, then your application will automatically be denied.

    The only limitation is that you have to be a member of one trackers listed on that site.


    • #3
      I've mentioned about the application at the end of the review. I don't know Swedish at all. I used google translator. :) They have mentioned in the invite application about some particular trackers and ratios, upload amounts from those trackers. Those are the only trackers that you can use in the application in order to apply for an invite. If someone interested in this tracker, follow the link which 8Tyler8 has posted above.


      • #4
        The problem with this one would be that everyone is on a seedbox or a 10 MB up link, which is fairly normal in Sweden. How would a mortal person on 3MB up line (say) be able to compete with that and keep the ratio?

        I speak Swedish, so for me it's fine - as an expat I'd hit TV series etc. But for somebody who doesn't speak Swedish it seems to be more trouble than it's worth to run everything through a translator. The Swedish films and TV without subs would not be much use either.

        I must say that the Sparrow theme is both funny and well executed. I'd almost join for that alone.

        If you want Swedish content but can't get into this site, then frankly, TPB offers practically all recent Swedish content with no ratio and excellent speed. So this is only if you want that little extra je-ne-sais-quois, or you like the idea of a forum and a community.

        I looked at the application form that was being linked to above and the requirements are not for the happy novice. You have to be an elevated user at one of a fairly select list of sites; What.CD, HDBits, SceneHD, TorrentLeech and two elite Swedish trackers are listd. 1TB material uploaded, as a starting point... Basically, this tracker is not for the plebs!

        At the same time I've noticed that people are begging for invites at the national internet forum for Sweden. I would NOT have thought that most of the people hanging out there meet the requirements I just mentioned. An invite is definitely the way to go unless you are a true private tracker veteran!

        All this said, some shameless begging:
        (Om nεgon har en inbjudan vore jag evinnerligen tacksam..! )
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          Nice review! This is my absolute main tracker, and I love it! I don't find it hard to keep up a good ratio, because alot of the trackers torrents are Free Leech. Most popular movies have at least one torrent that is FL! I agree that the forum is very active and all in all a great, solid, well-seeded tracker! I can really recommend it!


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            All good things come to an end, and it seems Sparvar was no exception. Rest in peace.