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    TLZ.DIGITAL is a new tracker that is run by a staff that came from all over the tracker scene. We saw how other sites were ran and all shared a common goal....To run a site that people can have fun on and get information or help with anything from web browsing, to games, to program tutorials, and so on and so on. We have a low freeleach threshold, our donations go further than most other sites, we have one of the biggest bonus point stores out there, and thats just the start of it. We have bots aimed at some of the largest trackers out there, BUT, we have a perfect mix so the experience is unique. WE have our own release group... and almost finished our rom packs... which will cover... atari, nes,snes,n64,GBA,Gbc, mame, neogeo,sega master system, sega mega drive/ sega genesis, Turbografx, zx spectrum, emulators for them all.... ps2, xbox, nintendo DS, and Wii are going up now. Many rom sites are losing the ability to host there roms any more... but thsy can all be found at TLZ, and were not even a game site! With overto 100tb of boxes, and amazing content flowing in daily, we are quickly growing and slowly making a name for our self. Sign ups are no longer open, so ask for invites! Trust us, you wana be a part of this family.