Name: Torrentcrate
Genre: General
Ratio Requirements: Ratio based
Signup: Closed, members can send invites
(regular members get 1 invite on signup)
Maintaining Ratio: Easy/Medium
Bonus System: IRC bonus and seeding bonus
Banned Countries: None
IRC: irc://
Birthday: 14th March 2017


So what is torrentcrate actually and why do you want to be a member of it?
Torrentcrate is a new starting private general tracker.
They have an upload bot connected to many high powered and fast servers because of this, the releases are downloadable within seconds of its pre time.
The download speeds are insane even with only a few seeders on a torrent. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN SCENEACCES!

If you want super high download speeds, super fast releases this is the tracker you are looking for.
IRC is reasonably active and you should get an answer to your questions within a short amount of time.
Forums are a little bit empty but this should improve once the site get's more members, 888 members at the moment.

I have had the privelege to be a member with them from around the start.
And i can assure you i don't regret it for a moment. Very friendly and helpful staff.
You can't ask them anything wrong and they are very open to user suggestions and feebacks.
Also the amount of torrents increases with the day i can only say one thing. This website is on par with Sceneacces,ptp and other top trackers.
You should take the chance you have to get yourself an invite before it gets harder!

People on a home connection don't need to worry this is not some elite site where you need a seedbox to be possible to maintain a good ratio.
When you signup you have 2 weeks of freeleech and the general rule is torrents over 10 gigs are freeleech.
With these things it's very easy to build up and maintain a good ratio. If you for some sort of reason get into trouble with your ratio you
have a lifesaver (Only usable once in your lifetime) that adds 10% of you're uploaded amount to your ratio. Altough the changes you are needing this are less then 1%. Having this tracker is really a must!

And last but not least the negatives.

Older releases before the opening of the tracker is not easy to find and they have a cap of 10,000 members
note: They have a request section where you can request any old release you cant find and is supported by a team of dedicated uploaders.