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  • [Movies] (HDB) 2015 Review

    Tracker Name: HDBits (HDB)
    Tracker URL:
    Signup URL:
    Tracker Type: Ratio-based | Movies
    Tracker Birthday: -------------

    Tracker Description
    Tracker Stats
    Torrent Categories
    Browse Page
    Bonus System
    Invite System
    IRC Details
    Ratings & Personal Commentary
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    Tracker Description
    This tracker was made by most of the staff at, they had a falling out with the owner of the site so they left and made The encoders also transferred from to this site. The forum isn't really active but it is a new tracker. They have some encoding tutorials if you are interested however it's not overly detailed so if you want to know about each and every thing you're doing then you're not going to find it in their tutorials. They also have different themes that you can implement through your user settings and most of them are good looking, slick and easy to use unlike a lot of private trackers that are ugly and annoying to browse.

    Tracker Features:
    • Bonus Shop - In Development
    • Collages - A collection of content made by users under a specific category, ex: Best Movies of 2015 (Mad Max Fury Road, Furious 7 etc.) ; not many collages as they don't have a lot of content yet.

    Invite System

    IRC Details

    Port +6666 through +6669
    SSL port +6697, +7000 Standard Chat Channel Help Channel Announce Channel

    Ratings & Personal Commentary
    If you never joined an HD tracker before or even if you have joined one and have several, this is a great site for you to grow with. Since it's still relatively new you can be a part of the community from the start by chatting on IRC and uploading material. This tracker has huge potential and if you join now and stick with it then in a few years you'll probably be part a great site seeing as how a ton of encoders and staff migrated from to here and as you all know (or don't know) was a great site. It's a growing tracker and if you have the discipline to stick with it and evolve alongside it then you will not be dissapointed.

    6/10 Content
    The Content is still growing but you can find most popular movies and TV Series in several encodes and Original BluRays
    7/10 Speed
    This is kind of a tossup, some of the torrents have good speeds while others don't, there's not a large population of seedboxes but there's also not a large group of slow torrents either.
    6/10 Community
    This is a new tracker so the community particularly the forums aren't really all that active. The members are nice and helpful though.
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