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  • [General] AreaFiles (AF) Review 2015

    AreaFiles AreaFiles (AF)
    AfreaFiles.Org <URL>
    Sign up URL optional
    General Ratio-based tracker
    4/1/2013 <Date>

    Tracker Description
    Tracker Stats
    Torrent Categories
    Browse Page
    Bonus System
    Invite System
    IRC Details
    Ratings & Personal Commentary
    Links to older tracker reviews

    Tracker Description

    AreaFiles is a Romanian Private General Tracker hosting external torrents also. We have a talkative wide spread community. Multi-language torrents are welcome, although we speak only Romanian or English in Shoutbox, forum, and torrent comments. we like to fill requests and we are currently making an IRC channel/bot, it will be coming soon. We have a few theme's to choose from and we are always looking for more Uploaders/ Good Users who like to Seed, come on by and check us out : )

    a bit about our Staff - We have 1 Owner, 1 Coder, 3 Team Leaders, 3 Administrators, 3 Moderators, and 18 Uploaders, and 39 VIP's who can also upload. Please respect our Staffs wishes, thank you.

    Our Goal:
    To Build a Thriving torrent community who strives to learn more and help others, we are well on our way, come join us : )

    Tracker Features
    • Quick access links - Fast access links - We have A profile quick link on every page for convenience. We have a poll to see what users want more of, also menu's for Tags Page, Needs seeding, Formats, Top Ten cats, Usrs List, and teams list.
    • Subtitle Upload - Subtitles upload - you can upload subtitles for movies in different languages
    • Recommended Torrents Menu - a recommended torrents lists for Games and Movies
    • Active ShoutBox - Active friendly ShoutBox Active friendly ShoutBox with VIP and Uploader area's
    • Personal Bit Bucket - you also get your own BitBucket for uploading images.

    Tracker Features images:

    Quick access links

    Subtitle Upload

    External torrents as well.

    We are a private Tracker hosting external torrents also.
    See pic's above to identify torrents properly.

    Recommended Torrents Menu

    Active friendly ShoutBox with VIP and Uploader area's

    Personal Bit Bucket


    Tracker Stats

    Torrent Categories

    Browse Page

    we have Auto freeleech meaning everything over 10GB's is automatically freeleech.


    written in text so they can be translated Google Translate

    General rules - Breaking these rules can and will get you banned!

    - We are a Romanian site, so please only use Romanian or English for comments and shoutbox. Preferably English, so everybody can understand you.
    - Keep seeding for downloaded torrents for at least 48 hours in the first 7 days.
    - Keep your overall ratio at or above 1.0 at all times.
    - Do not defy the moderators expressed wishes.
    - Be active here, you must login at least once a month. Also, not downloading anything is considered being inactive (except if you're an uploader or VIP). The accounts inactive for 3 months are deleted.

    General Forum Guidelines

    No aggressive behaviour or flaming in the forums.
    - No invite trading or selling, you will be banned.
    - No trashing of other peoples topics (i.e. SPAM).
    - No language other than English or Romanian in the forums.
    - No links to warez or crack sites in the forums.
    - No serials, CD keys, passwords or cracks in the forums.
    - No bumping... (All bumped threads will be deleted).
    - No double posting. If you wish to post again, and yours is the last post in the thread please use the EDIT function,instead of posting a double.
    - Please ensure all topics are posted in the correct section!
    Just because something is not covered here, doesn't mean that is allowed. If you're unsure, ask a staff member.

    Moderating Rules

    - The most important rule: Use your better judgement!
    - Don't defy another mod in public, instead send a PM or make a post in the "Site admin".
    - Be tolerant! give the user(s) a chance to reform.
    - Don't act prematurely, Let the users make their mistake and THEN correct them.
    - Try correcting any "off topics" rather then closing the thread.
    - Move topics rather than locking / deleting them.
    - Be tolerant when moderating the Chit-chat section. (give them some slack)
    - If you lock a topic, Give a brief explanation as to why you're locking it.
    - Before banning a user, Send him/her a PM and if they reply, put them on a 2 week trial.
    - Don't ban a user until he or she has been a member for at least 4 weeks.
    - Always state a reason (in the user comment box) as to why the user is being warned/banned.

    The mandatory Rules for Upload

    - Always check before uploading a torrent if that material is not already uploaded on tracker by another member, at similar quality.
    - Re-tagging torrents is not allowed.
    - Always keep the original name of the torrent, do not change anything (except the "group release" if missing).
    - Always use for upload the original NFO file and not any text just to be something included in that section.
    The NFO file is "the birth certificate" of a torrent and contains important information about it (for example key-codes).
    If you don't have the NFO file must to create one using Cool Beans NFO Creator or another similar program.
    - Make a proper description, the links More Tags and NFO Ripper found on the Upload page will be helpful.
    - Description of a torrent should give us full information about it and will contain at least the following data:
    Upload a cover using the Cover field on the upload page (this way the cover is shown in the torrent list when the mouse cursor is hovered over the title).
    Provide 3 screenshots in the description for movie torrents.
    Technical info about the format for music and movie torrents (codec, resolution, bitrate, source)
    The main information. Use NFO Ripper to extract only the text from NFO file and copy it into description.
    You can also use information from specialized sites or from the original description of that torrent.
    A YouTube trailer about that material, the link will be included in the description with tags/bbcode (see More Tags).
    - Fill properly the description so that may not be necessary intervention of a moderator to correct you.
    - Ask where you don't know or where you have doubts about certain releases, to avoid torrents deletion.
    - Keep seeding until at least 3 leechers have finished downloading the torrent and they became seeders.
    - When uploading external torrents, make sure they're seeded.
    - Always check the torrent immediately after upload to correct the errors, if is necessary.

    Bonus System


    Invite System
    Invites can be Gained through seed bonus.

    IRC Details

    coming soon! ............
    Port .....
    SSL port ....
    We are currently making IRC, stand by for Updates.


    Ratings & Personal Commentary

    This is a Established Tracker with new members joining everyday. AreaFiles is know for it's friendly Staff and their willingness to help out new users Learning how to torrent.
    We have tutorials for most anything needed to thrive here, If we don't have a tutorial for what you want the simply request one in the tutorials section of the Forums and we will make it for you.
    AreaFiles is also know for filling requests, we have a wide spread uploader able community with many data sources to find what you need. Many users have seedboxes and many others do not, we have a mixed community and speeds may vary but are usually decent.
    If you want to learn to upload, this is a good place to do it.

    8/10 Content

    7/10 Speed

    9/10 Community

    10/10 Place to learn

    Our Goal:
    To Build a Thriving torrent community who strives to learn more and help others, we are well on our way, come join us : )

    Spoiler Alert!



    Links to older tracker reviews
    AreaFiles (AF) Recruiter
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