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    Tracker Name: (MTV)
    Tracker URL:
    Tracker Type: Ratioless TV & Movies tracker
    Tracker Birthday: Sep 2014


    Tracker Description
    Tracker Stats
    Torrent Categories
    Browse Page
    Series Page
    Torrent Page
    Upload Rules
    Bonus System
    Invite System
    IRC Details
    Personal Commentary
 is (currently) still a relatively young tracker which is still under construction. The main content is TV shows but there are also a few movies and sports torrents. Single Scene episode torrents contain the extracted file and are removed as soon as a corresponding season pack is available. The tracker has all the usual features such as Requests, Forums, RSS feeds and IRC.

    Torrents 8,400
    Torrents (TV) 6,900
    Torrents (Movies) 1,500
    Users 7,000

    TV, Movies and Other

    Series Page

    Note: I had to split the screenshot of the Series page in two images due to its very large vertical size (35k px).
    The two images are still very large and may not be displayed correctly in your browser.

    Port 6667
    SSL port 6669

    MTV is a decent tracker for TV content with much potential. Currently the main benefit is imo that it's a ratioless tracker. So it's well suited for users without a seedbox. The staff seems to be friendly and open for suggestions. However, due to it's very young age there is much less content in comparison to the the currentty three major TV trackers (BTN, BMTV, But if the tracker grows as it has done until now, this may change relatively quickly. Also you can always create a request for stuff that isn't on the tracker yet.

    You may also have a look at The Major TV Trackers Comparison for a comparison of BTN,, and BMTV.
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    There is also a pretty active forum regarding live sports streaming

    pre-times are pretty good for TV


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      the best romanian content i've seen out there.


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        Are you sure [MENTION=191422]paul0[/MENTION] ? Currently I can find only about 145 romanian torrents...

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          Originally posted by cfpe View Post
          Are you sure @paul0 ? Currently I can find only about 145 romanian torrents...
          Yes they had the best romanian content out there...I never said there was a huge detabase of it.Still very good content and they upload the important stuff....


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            not into the RO scene but MTV seems mostly US/UK/AU english content , from what I can tell in RO most national carriers are news/sports/culture and generally unoriginal and most content imported via the BBC/sky realm.


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              does it have english content


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                Originally posted by balingo View Post
                does it have english content

                Yes,the majority of it is English.


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                  looks good is this invite rquest section


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                    After my primary TV show tracker went down, I find myself using this site for my shows.