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    Demonoid was first unleashed onto the world wide web on April 21st, 2003 by the user known as Deimos (since retired). The site quickly rose to one of infamy in the torrent tracker community, being known for having a wide array of torrents to choose from but mostly known for its ability to have torrents that were hard to find if not flat out impossible in the public realm. Pornography and torrents with malicious software is banned at Demonoid and while your ratio is tracked accounts were not suspended since the early days due to users complaining of faulty tracking of their true ratios.

    While fighting through legal battles and after having to change domain names several times Deimos stepped down as Administrator in early 2008 and gave a public statement as to why. Deimos gave control of the now popular tracker to his close friend Umlauf, long time moderator. In the following years Demonoid was plagued by what was reported as hardware issues and much downtime. The times the tracker was up and running it was noted to be slower and not performing as it had in its once popular reign as king of the trackers. Demonoid has since been restored to its original look and feel with many of the old torrents being tracked once more although much of its old data is sadly no longer available. All of the old user accounts were still able to be accessed and everything seemed to be running right again.

    Today the once mighty tracker is hosting 597,000 files, just shy of 600,000, a pittance of what was once tracked by the giant in the torrent community. In its downtime many other popular private torrent trackers have moved in to create much needed competition although none have quite managed to fill the void of what Demonoid once was.

    The website as it appears today is nearly identical to what it was in the past. Still able to maintain a large user base with good speeds and a wide variety of torrents it is not the go to tracker it once was for finding old and new material alike but still a formidable private tracker. Many of the old users have since returned but in the same vein many have abandoned the aging tracker for the competition that sprang up in its absence. The members are friendly and often offer help and the forums are relatively active although not as much as they once were. There is an IRC channel and RSS feeds as well.

    Please note that while I am an old member of the tracker I have not been active since it came back as I have moved on to other trackers in its absence. I did check in on the IRC and tested a few downloads for speed before writing this review and the IRC was active and the speeds of the files I tested were very good. Anyone that is still active in this community is welcome to add additional information to this review or pm me and I will do so. I looked for a link to a demonoid review and could not find one so I thought I would do my best to give our users a brief look at the storied history of this tracker.

    Overall I would rate this as a great tracker for someone starting out on private trackers. It has many torrents both old and new and a friendly user base with some old time torrent users that maintain a good knowledge base. The speeds are average but your mileage may vary. The user interface is over a decade old but still holds up to this day.

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    Demonoid isn't really all that "private" (it is semi-private to be precise, but not really much different than a public tracker). That's not to say that Demonoid isn't special though. It has great content, and sometimes content you don't find elsewhere. Awesome site, and great that it is back.


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      I would agree, I just titled it private as it is invite only at this point.