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IPTorrents (IPT) review 2015

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    I gotta say I've stayed out of the drama on IPT and just laid low and easily got 30TB uploaded in not that much time. Friendly system for FL


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      I have been a member of ipt for over 7 years, generally its my first tracker to go to. I have a few other private trackers that are rated decently but overall im so used to ipt its just quicker and easier, the others I use here and there just to keep data flowing or the occasional file I cant find.

      Overall IPT has everything, movies, shows, software, mobile apps, audiobooks, music and porn and its one of the easiest trackers to get an invite to.


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        is there any french or [MULTI] upload on IPT?



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          IPT was one of the first private trackers I joined, back when it wasn't that big.

          But they closed my account for no reason.

          I had lots of invites, high upload and good ratio.

          But now when I try to log in it says my account doesn't exist.


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            I have been a member of IPT for about 5 years now and they are bar-none one of the best on the net. They have new material every day, never had a virus or malware infection from them, and they have rare and hard to find movies and tv shows. I actually donate regularly to the site because I respect them so much.