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AlphaRatio (AR) Review - 2014

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  • [Old] AlphaRatio (AR) Review - 2014

    Tracker Name: Alpha Ratio (AR)
    Tracker URL:
    Signup URL:
    Tracker Type: Ratio-based General Tracker
    Tracker Birthday: April 7th, 2014

    Tracker Description

    AlphaRatio (AR) was started by a group of working professionals who met on various 0day private trackers. These people had helped manage SuperTorrents/StellarWinds (ST/SW) and AlphaOmega (AO), sites that previously reigned supreme in the scene-based private tracker world. And now, years later, it was time...time to return from the ashes and garner a community together that once was considered the best of its time. A place where users of all makes and models, from all corners of the Internet could return, to meet other like minded people and embody exactly what it means to have fun sharing!
    Tracker Features:
    • Auto-upload of all scene content with fast pretimes
    • Every file-type aside from individual tv episodes and individual songs has a given freeleech period immediately after upload as ideal members are not just auto-dling on seedboxes, but are actively looking through the site and taking part in the community.
    • Unique "Ratio Boost" system in place - Allows members to earn multipliers that directly affect all upload for a pre-determined amount of time.
    • Community oriented and very active irc channel with a relaxed atmosphere and hands free ops

    Home/News/Tracker Stats

    Torrent Categories

    Browse Page




    Hit and Run:

    Unposted as of yet are some derivative of the standard:

    1) Don't defy the express wishes of staff members.
    2) Don't be an asshole in chat or on the forums. To promote a friendly and safe environment for everyone in our community, If your comments offend someone and you are asked to stop by either staff or members, you are expected to do so.
    3) You may only upload or download content that you have the LEGAL RIGHT to do so with. THIS MEANS content you have a physical or digital copy of and are either storing for future retrieval, or retrieving a copy or superior quality or smaller size or otherwise substantially different of the same content. We do not promote other types of sharing that may be considered illegal in some jurisdictions, and if found guilty of participating in any of these activities, responsible parties may find themselves with warnings or banned without notice.
    4) Invites should only be given to those you trust - i.e. you have a personal relationship (online or in person) with and not just based on membership status at other sites. You are responsible for your invitees, and you risk being banned without warning if there are any traders, sellers, or ratio cheaters found in your invite tree.
    5) Alpha Ratio and its staff reserve the right to modify this agreement and your membership at any given time and for any reason.

    Chat has its own set of rules and are outlined in the IRC section below.

    I will update as soon as a more formal listing is made available.

    Bonus System
    Rudimentary system in place now to credit seeders/irc idlers to be further developed and updated here as soon as possible. No trade in prizes/amounts have been posted as of yet as bonus amounts and trade in costs are still being fine tuned


    Invite System

    After the Philosopher class, invites are available to members and are given as rewards for time spent on the site, in exchange for donations, and (coming) in exchange for bonus points or upload credit. In addition, while we're actively recruiting, each month there are days where global invites are available to anyone. These do not come out of personal invites and allow us to bring chunks of new members in and ensure they're all going to be quality additions to the site.

    A limited amount of Vip invites are also available to staff and their recipients begin at the 'deity' level

    IRC Details

    Port 6667
    SSL port +7000
    Main: #Alpharatio


    Ratings & Personal Commentary

    7/10 Content
    The majority of content is rar'd scene content. There are a handful of dedicated uploaders and they do a great job bringing in anything from season packs to movie megapacks (and keeping everything within the lower and upper limits required to stay freeleech forever! Quite a few of us are here mostly waiting on these they are well put together groups of content we'd have to waste ratio on elsewhere or stuff that is hard to find on any of the trackers, but just sitting on ftp servers waiting for someone to see it. Cannot say AR will have every internal from every tracker out there, and there is no internal encoding groups that call this place home. We do have people seeding fresh content exclusively to AR, but the majority of uploads are scene and i'd say it's about 50/50 between xvid/avi and 720/1080p on both that and user packs. Its probably not the best place in the world if you just bought a 72 inch plasma screen and want the best of the best and nothing but hd, but its definitely not the worst if you aren't trying to buy 4-5 hdd's a year to support a habit like that but still want to watch what you want

    9/10 Speed
    As far as scene stuff goes, the speeds are phenomenal. They have a tracer (though they do not yet bounce to c-net) that records them vs TSH, GFT, SCC, and others, and about 60% of the time they are in the top 3:

    The actual download speeds are generally very good as well. I've gotten stuck in some long freeleech weekends on downloads that wouldn't cross 2MB/s on stuff i know was available elsewhere faster on a handful of times, but as they've increased autobots' capacities, those have been fewer and fewer as time goes on and i can now usually get about 15MB/s down on a brand new torrent with a few leechers on it.

    User content is self regulating as you need a fast home connection to upload anything over i think 12 gb's in size, and a seedbox to upload anything over 48 gb. This makes for some amazingly fast downloads of packs that are usually intentionally large anyways to qualify for lifetime freeleech.

    10/10 Community
    The entire reason I'm here! i love these guys and really want to have more leechers so the site can really thrive. IRC is good more hours a day than it's not, there are members from all continents, timezones, and backgrounds. There's a help forum that's monitored pretty regularly for newbies and forgetfulbies alike. There is an official requests section, but even more are filled by just folks asking in irc for files and others finding and supplying them. Staff is approachable and well grounded and even with all they have on their plates, always take time to respond to suggestions forums. Extremely happy with what i've seen this community show itself to be capable of and wish more of my trackers would follow suit

    The above said, this is not the easiest tracker to seed to without either uploading or having a fast connection or seedbox. Because of this, ratio rules/requirements have been largely ignored by staff as they've been fine tweaking freeleech times and other factors to balance it out and make it possible for anyone to pull their weight. The HnR system is still looked at closely as AR is not looking for dedicated parasites, but its understood that if no one's leeching your torrents because its a new site and not many downloads, that your ratio wont be right at 1:1. For the time being they are monitoring the situation and trying to implement changes that will increase traffic and make it easier for people not on the first 10 minutes of a torrent to be able to seed back to 1:1 instead of just avoiding HnR's at the 72 hours required.

    Guess all i can say is do your best to try and keep a positive ratio if you're using a slower home connection, and trust that the staff will take care of those that are actively trying, as they have been while working through these ratio intricacies.

    All in all, this is probably not the one site you need to replace all others, but this is definitely a site capable of replacing any scene trackers you might have, and a great place to learn the ropes for those that might not have a ton of trackers to juggle or maybe not even a single tracker they are real happy with yet.

    EDIT: Staff has made me aware that there will be open signup until 10,000 members are reached, then we'll be moving back to an invite only system. Signup url in description on top

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    Honestly i just singed up to this tracker and the appearance does not do it justice. I dont like how it looks either but the content it offers surely is not the best but it is not the worst either. It a nice general tracker to have. But i really hope more people sign up because leechers and seeders are needed. I cant speak about the community since i have not gotten involved at all with it. It is not a triple A tracker but it is pretty nice and im glad i signed up before they closed open sign ups.
    Thanks so much Flobie for my colour

    Also special thanks to ghost6945 KurrupT SiniuS Lucia gblaze Are451 End Poopderp salsal Raum
    for being plain awesome


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      Originally posted by SweetDreams View Post
      Honestly i just singed up to this tracker and the appearance does not do it justice. I dont like how it looks either but the content it offers surely is not the best but it is not the worst either. It a nice general tracker to have. But i really hope more people sign up because leechers and seeders are needed. I cant speak about the community since i have not gotten involved at all with it. It is not a triple A tracker but it is pretty nice and im glad i signed up before they closed open sign ups.
      I agree with you about the appearance , this is definitely not the best part of this tracker .
      Fortunately the community did some CSS you should give them a try (well it's been a while since your write this message so you may be already tried them but in case you did not).

      Otherwise the tracker itself is quite pleasant ,mostly scene content only ,nice pack ,decent pre and an overall good seeding .
      This is a good alternative to those big trackers for anybody who doesn't want to struggle to find an invitation .