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  • [Movies] TLFBits (TLF) Review

    Tracker Description

    Tracker Name: TLFBits (TLF)
    Tracker URL: TLFBits
    Signup URL: TLFBits :: Sign Up
    Tracker Type: Ratio-based Movie Tracker

    TLFBits is a Chinese Movie tracker which focuses on MiniSD and mHD size encodes. They have 2 main internal groups, MiniSD-TLF and iNT-TLF. You may also find HalfCD-TLF and MNHD encodes on this tracker but they don’t have as many releases.


    Tracker Stats

    Torrent Categories

    Browse Page




    Bonus System


    Invite System
    Open for signup atm.

    Ratings & Personal Commentary

    I found this tracker useful to download small filesize encodes specifically for those classic but not HD-worthy (for me, since I don't have that much HDD space) movies. From this point of view, it suits my need perfectly. And of course people looking for mHD and MiniSD releases should give this site a try. However if you are looking for a HD tracker like HDC and CHD, then this site is not the best for you.
    Another thing is that they have TV, game, apps and music categories on the tracker but those torrents are very limited.

    7/10 Content
    The contents are good considering it’s a relatively small tracker (comparing to other main trackers in China such as CHD HDC TTG etc.) but there is still room for improvement.
    9/10 Speed
    Download speed is never a problem for me plus this tracker’s main focus is small sized contents. Speed is good enough.
    6/10 Community (Might be different if you can speak Chinese)
    This tracker has a dedicated forum on a separate site, which makes the tracker forum a bit inactive. And the forum is mainly in Chinese.

    Additional Info
    Just like most Chinese trackers, you need to set the language to English.

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