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  • [Misc] CartoonChaos (CC) Review

    Tracker Name

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    Signup URL:
    Invite only. Invite Applications are currently closed. Invites are not common and are only given to select members. You may be able to get in through an IRC interview or through a recruitment thread located in the Power Users forums of some trackers (I know BTN has one).

    Tracker Type:
    CC contains mostly P2P material and internal encodes by members. Has complete seasons/sets and individual episodes/content. Although ratio information is given, there is no minimum ratio. You need to seed every torrent you download to either a 1:1 ratio or for seven days (168 hours). Freeleech can be common- if donations are met for the month, the entire tracker is made freeleech for the month. Additionally, all torrents larger than 7 GB are permanently freeleech. In terms of a seedbox, it's really not necessary. It will definitely help but because the numbers of seeders and leechers are already low, it's not required.

    Tracker Birthday
    January 23rd, 2008

    Tracker Description
    Cartoonchaos is one of the best trackers for all types of Cartoon content. It's got rare content that you're not going to find at the big TV trackers and is heavily contributed to by individual encoders. It's not just limited to kids content- it has anime, mature content (Simpsons, Family Guy), and even animated movies. Additionally, it contains cartoon soundtracks that you can download. The content is pretty widespread- members basically upload what they have and there isn't a "set schedule" of what is to be expected. There's a requests section that is pretty active and if you want something specific, don't hesitate to ask! This is a great community with an active IRC so ask around if your request isn't filled.

    One thing that makes CC different is how small the community is. As of today, there are only 1527 members and this total only increases by one or two new members everyday. Although it's close knit, the speeds on torrents can be slow sometimes and torrents will often times have no seeders. But again, just ask and you shall receive- someone will usually reseed or upload the content again. The forums are not very active but the IRC is, especially for the tracker's size. Also, there is an IRC idle bonus so come in and never leave!

    There is a bonus point system for buying upload but keeping a good ratio (although not required) is not difficult. Seeding and uploading new content will get the job done.

    There's even an arcade! I won't go into too much detail about it but basically, it's a lot of fun. Come join the tracker to learn more ;)



    Tracker Stats

    Torrent Categories

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    See description.



    Bonus System


    Invite System

    IRC Details

    There is an online IRC java client on the site. Additionally, you can use your own client by connecting to the following:
    Channel: #cartoonchaos
    Port: 6667

    Donation System/Page

    Ratings & Personal Commentary

    I think I've pretty much said everything by now that needs to be said. If you like cartoons, being part of a small but select, well-regarded community, and are willing to contribute your own content (or at least seed others' content), then this is the place for you. The requirements to stay alive on the site are not strict- we just ask that you make an effort to give back by seeding for 7 days. Plus, check out the awesome themes that are available on the site! The xmas style sheet causes snow to fall on the screen- how cool is that??

    Community: 8/10
    Speed: 7/10
    Content: 9/10
    Look and Feel: 9/10

    Links to older tracker reviews

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    could anyone tell me if there's any marvel/dc content ie spider-man, batman, superman etc.



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      Probably worth mentioning that Power Users on (review) can get an invite to CartoonChaos by simply asking in their forum.