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  • [Porn] YourExotic (YE) Review

    Tracker Name:
    Torrent URL:
    Tracker Type:
    Porn | Asian | Ratio-Based
    Tracker Established:

    Tracker Description

    YourExotic is the sibling-site of AsiaTorrent. That is, if the sibling was a dirty, Asian-obsessed, pornographer addicted to sharing the latest releases of Japanese Adult Videos. All content on the site must contain some form of Asian heritage or be removed. The administrators monitor all the uploads and do a decent job of removing any inappropriate torrents.

    The rules are simple and straight forward:

    • Thou shalt not host images on different image hosts. YE does provide a decent internal image host that allows some bulk uploading.
    • Thou shalt not upload torrents that do not contain Asian. Asian is a loose term, however, and it seems appropriate to upload Japanese pornography starring Caucasians as long the film is shot in Japan or sponsored by a Japanese company.
    • Thou shalt not upload real rape videos. There are a few Asian amateur scandals that contain footage of date raping and other vile acts. These are not permitted on the tracker (and yes, that's a good thing).
    • Thou shalt not hit and run. It says so right on the home page, however, they aren't instituting any automatic checks as far as I know.
    • Thou shalt not upload a torrent with zips/rars or without a screen shot for every single video file included.
    • Thou shall title your torrents appropriately. They are strict about the naming convention.

    Maintaining a good ratio at this site is not difficult. There are plenty of incentive bonuses tied to large files which encourage downloading. Also, you may share content starting day one to build up a good buffer. On top of being very easy to seed, there are bonus points which can be traded for upload credit and invitations. A decent residential connection should be sufficient to survive and maintaining a 1:1 ratio is important. If you fall behind, certain torrents will be locked for 24-48 hours after debuting and a maximum connection to 15 concurrent torrents is enforced (this includes seeding). By bare minimum, all torrents are required to have at least 0.5 ratio. But again, there are bonus point system and it is not difficult to upload back. Also, there is freeleech with files over 10 gig, 50% download discount with 4 gig, and 2x upload credit on files over 2 gigs; they do not overlap. The assignment of these extra options is manual and often do not take place immediately or if the administrator does not deem you worthy. Bonus points are also transferable which may or may not be a good thing.

    Signups currently are closed and invitations are at an outlandish price of 100,000 bonus points (which is impossible to achieve). They recently were an open tracker, so as they say, patience is a virtue.

    The number of torrents released daily can be in the single digits. This is not a server that has content pumped through it all the time. It is a very specific community catered to Asian erotica. However, things that were uploaded a year ago may still be available and torrents usually last decently long. Some of the content is on the rare side to locate and they have a very nice selection of Asian pornography. The majority of the videos are censored, but there is definitely a healthy selection of non-censored flicks. The content generally leans towards official JAV releases, but there are some uploaders that provide alternative content from amateur sites and other Asian countries.

    Torrent speeds vary. There are some torrents that are hosted on seedboxes and I've been able to download at around 2-5 Mb/s. However, some torrents are most likely on dial-up in some rural backwater house and I get flashbacks of being on a Napster client. I mean, speeds have trickled to me at 5/kbps. But, to be fair, that content was not available anywhere else on the internet that I searched for (and believe me, I had the time).

    Community on this server is almost nonexistent. The forums are posted on once a week if that. There are a few uploaders that are pumping content, but other than that, it is pretty quiet. Torrents rarely are commented on and I don't believe there is a request section.

    Comparing to other sites: If you are looking for Asian pornography, this site is the place. I do not have an account at Sinderella, but I am sure that tracker has much more content. As far as I know with regular porn trackers and general trackers, they usually lack a good deal of Asian porn content. Since YE is laser-focused, you will not be disappointed.

    IRC channel is tied into the actual "mother" group, Avistaz, and has a healthy number of people in the chat.

    Speaking of the mother group, it seems that YourExotic is the red-headed stepchild as they do not even list it on the front page as they do with their other trackers: AsiaTorrents, EUTorrents and AnimeTorrents.

    Also, if you had an account at AsiaTorrents, it does not automatically grant you access to YourExotic. You will still be required to be invited, or sign up during open registration as the rest of the peasants. Bonus points and upload credits are also not transferable so treat it as it's own separate entity.

    Now onto the pictures:

    Tracker Logo

    Tracker Homepage
    Tracker Statistics

    Tracker Categories

    Tracker Browse

    Tracker Freeleech

    Tracker Forum

    Tracker Rules

    Tracker Bonus

    Tracker Userlevel

    Invite System

    Currently unavailable. When the bonus points system are restored, invites can be purchased.
    YourExotic recently was an open tracker before reaching capacity.

    VIP also get invitations, one each month.
    Please check the donation section for more details about this.

    IRC Details

    Tracker Donation

    Ratings and Commentary

    Speed: 4/10
    Explanation: Some torrents are decently fast and I'm done with a file in a matter of minutes. But SOME ARE REALLY SLOW . I peak at maybe 300 kbps? Some of the older torrents require me to download for a week on my box. That's pretty slow.

    Content: 6/10
    Explanation: If you are looking for Asian adult videos, you will not be disappointed. There are thousands of torrents available. However, there are many times I search for videos and it isn't there. I come here to discover, not really to find. And for that, it's great!

    Pre-Times: ?/10
    Explanation: I am not familiar enough with the release schedule of Asian adult sites to properly judge this. The uploads do reflect being at least somewhat recent such as being in the same week or month. But since uploads are sparse and randomly contributed, it is extremely difficult to judge this.

    Community: 2/10
    Explanation: The community is rather lacking on the site. It has more to do with the fact that a majority of the moderators are most likely part of the main sister site, and focus their attention there. Judging YourExotic as it's own ecosystem, I'd have to say it isn't very active. But, the people who I have spoken to seem to be nice. The administrators are not always very consistent (such as one administrator may warn you for one thing, and another administrator will warn you for the complete opposite thing leaving you stuck in the middle). But they aren't rude at all, and usually if you explain the situation, they at least take the time to listen. However, be warned that if your upload does not fit the criteria, your torrent will be deleted. It doesn't matter if there were 40 people attached leeching off you. It's gone.

    Overall: 5/10 (Average)
    Explanation: If there was more content available, better seeds, and an actual release team on the site, it would be magnificent. The site is completely in English, which is a big plus for an "Asian" tracker, but what most people use this site for is the following: waiting for an invite to Sinderella and quick fixes. It is a great little tracker for what it is. I fully endorse it, but would recommend not approaching it expecting too much.
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  • #2
    thank you for the review. there is some nice content on the site.


    • #3
      looks good. will check it out


      • #4
        Thank you very much for the review. This tracker is really nice for asian lovers ^^


        • #5
          welll written review.
          I am kinda bummed out that the site is kinda quiet, community-wise. I'd expect there to be a lot more buzz in the forums.
          Still, it's nice that they use English. having to use chrome would be a pain.


          • #6
            Great review, thanks for taking your time to review one of our Network site.

            Registration is open for now!


            • #7
              I've actually found it a great tracker to tide me over until I finally get into Sinderella.
              The biggest mistakes are the ones you're too scared to make.


              • #8
                This site will likely serve 95% of people who think they want Sinderella. It's easy to use and in english for those english speakers and while it may not have the content SR has, it has more than enough to satisfy your asian pr0n needs. The speeds are fine and it's easy to seed.

                One thing I wish they would have and it's just a very minor annoyance (and maybe I'm just missing it); is specific categories (e.g. Korean/Japanese/etc), rather than categories by video quality/type.


                • #9
                  Good alternative to Sinderella, great content!
                  Thanks for review!