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  • [Old] TorrentDay (TD) Review

    Tracker Name: TorrentDay (TD)
    Tracker URL:
    Signup URL:
    Tracker Type: Private Ratio Based [General] Tracker
    Tracker Birthday: Opened September 28, 2009

    Tracker Description

    With the massive influx of general and scene trackers, never in recent memory has a new general BitTorrent tracker been an instant success. And yet TorrentDay has captured pirates’ imagination – just six months since TorrentDay was launched, TorrentDay claim to have 385,000 members, far more than many of the older, popular general trackers.TD offers only scene releases, and torrents from “reputable non-scene groups”. Most releases are seedbox-hosted, ensuring pretty good speeds, while pretimes are pretty strong for a fairly new tracker.

    Home Page/News

    Torrent Categories

    Software Music FLAC / Lossless XXX Tv/Movies

    Freeleech/Discount Torrents

    There is quite a lot of freeleech material available on TD thanks to plenty of requests from the torrents Uploaders And All Tv Packs Are Freeleech allowing you to browse and treat yourself to your hearts content. please be aware though that the Hit"n"Run policy still applies so remember to seed!.


    Forums are lively and very helpful, any help needed please feel free to post and it won't be long before you get a response. there are also quite a few nice topics to take part in and if you can think of any games to play many are happy to take part in. discussions here are mainly the same you find everywhere else but you do find quite a few things that only TorrentDay have done such as Charlie Chaplin's "Greatest Speech" & their "Because Kindness Keeps The World Afloat" topic's which are all nice touches and make me glad to be apart of TorrentDay.


    As you can probably see the rules are fairly standard and compared to a few trackers quite lenient. the whole presence at TorrentDay just feels relaxed and friendly so in short as long as you're respectable to others you really do not have to worry. as for torrents there is a 1.0 requirement but you will likely find it much easier to seed here than the likes of IPT due to less seedbox users and more regular users. that said i still don't recommend jumping on torrents too late unless you intend to seed a long time or rely on their bonus point system for upload.

    User Classes & Promotion

    1. New Member - Someone who has just got an account

    2. Family Member - Must have been be a member for at least 27 Days, have uploaded at least 50GB and have a ratio at or above 1.05! The promotion is automatic when these conditions are met. Note that you will be auto demoted from this status if your ratio drops below 0.95 at any time.

    3. TD VIP - A member that has made a donation to help cover TorrentDay server costs.

    4. Uploader - A member that is part of a Scene Group, and/or has access to Scene torrents and provides them to the TorrentDay servers.

    5. Punisher - A member that is a Moderator on the TorrentDay forums.

    6. Punisher Leader - As the name suggests this Moderator coordinates Punishers, and manages member accounts.

    7. TorrentDay Evil - An administrator of the TorrentDay servers.

    8. TorrentDay God - The owner of TorrentDay.

    Invite System/Registration

    TorrentDay is a invite only tracker as of now, there may be some time where they decide to have a open signup but i doubt that will be anytime soon,
    for a chance of an Invite please work hard and visit our
    10% forum.

    Donation Page

    "Only VIPs receive invites when they donate. As a courtesy the site owner may choose to give everyone a discreet number of invites at any given time."

    Ratings & Personal Commentary

    DL Speed - 8/10
    New Content - 10/10
    Old Content - 6/10
    Forum Activity - 7/10
    Shout Box Activity - 8/10
    Pre Times - 9/10
    Help - 9/10

    I use Torrentday as one of my main go to general trackers its great seriously. It is not my favorite site, but it is close.
    The tracker is just so friendly and forgiving in just about every aspect, speeds are great yet you still get piles of upload compared to other similar trackers you do still have to look after your torrents either seed them long enough or join them early, be it on a slower connection or on a seedbox, granted those of you with the slower connection will still have to work harder than the seedbox users but this is still the one of the more forgiving trackers for home users with a normal connection out there. If you want a tracker that has just about everything fresh off the shelves yet still be able to maintain a ratio without much worry this is definitely the place to go, i would actually choose this tracker over IPT if you have the slower connection just because i feel more comfortable here. You're not always having to hawk your ratio and think either try and get 1:1 or sacrifice your bonus points on every torrent should you get at things a tad later than usual.

    As an expansion their content is vast in range such as they have music varying from regular quality to a section dedicated solely to FLAC/Lossless, movies range from those for the young age such as
    Disney movies (Beauty & The Beast, Bug's Life. Turbo etc... and they are also available in packs) which is fun and quick entertainment for the kids, yet on the other end of the spectrum there's the more explicit movies for the more older of folk.... and plenty of it.

    Downloads are not tracked so you get a nice bit of anonymity in this regard of which i find is not that common on today's trackers.

    Files are always great quality and clean from viruses they keep a very tight leash on that sort of stuff and the uploaders are well trusted here.
    They really value their members here and take a lot of input from them. They even run contests at Christmas and after the New Year for new banners and slogans. The bonus points system is also a prized feature whereby for every hour you seed a completed torrent you get 1 bonus point. That's per torrent you seed and includes when no one is leeching at the time. You can then take those bonus points and turn them into upload credits boosting your ratio up should you be cutting it close or find yourself in a sticky situation (those with the slow broadband will find this a godsend). It is really helpful and adds up quick.

    If there is anything i have left out that you feel i have missed please feel free to contact me,an update on the Stats will also be much appreciated.

    Older TorrentDay Reviews

    TorrentDay (TD) Review

    Credits: MrWhite
    Used his ComicBT Review as a template.

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    Nice review. I think TD is very underrated. Its an excellent general tracker imo. I use it regularly.


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      yea totally... one of the 1st sites i ever got into... amazing on content... and their tv packs list are humongous and awesome speeds... usually the first site i check for torrents and i have never ever been disappointed


      • #4
        looks like a pretty good tracker
        thank you for the info ;)
        Thanks alot for this, Will not forget this!
        hybridx3 Thanks for this Beautiful masterpiece
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          I love TD because there are a lot of leechers which makes building your ratio easy.
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            A lot of seeders, leechers and content definitely will make the life easier xD .. a good tracker has almost everything you need but some times I think about it as a copy of IPT with more leechers xD .. almost the same browse page the same content .


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              Just joined here, and it seems awesome. Only negative for me is lack of ebooks, but everything else is pretty amazing.


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                I completely agree with you guys that TD is really underrated. I've been a member there for a while now and it's simply perfect. Easy to seed, layout is nice, great people, fast speeds and the content is decent. I find this tracker better than many "rare" and other overrated trackers.


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                  This my favorite tracker at the moment.

                  The site if very familiar to IPT but has more variety of file types for content with twice as many leechers.

                  Also with the seed bonus system is so easy to keep a your ratio up.
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                    agreed with others, TD is underrated
                    Fast, easy to maintain ratio, but hard to get Uploader status

                    Thanks SiniuS for Everything.


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                      In a direct comparison of IPT and TD on a content level, which would rank highest in relation to variety and older media?
                      Please be detailed!

                      If you could only have one or the other which would you choose and why?

                      3x Science HD - 55%


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                        interesting tracker. nice review too.


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                          Great review superkid
                          I agree with other post's Torrent Day is an under rated tracker,Def. worth checking into.
                          The big plus for me is members are always active in the comment sections on this tracker,so you always have a good idea of the quality of a DL,
                          By reading the comments I have rarely been disappointed with a DL.
                          Movies are the main focus on this site (IMO) with a lot of new releases,and with file sizes usually under 5GB


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                            TD seems to have great new stuff on it all the time, and with a vast array of seeders, it appears like even all the old stuff is still very easy to get. I haven't had any issues with keeping a great ratio on this site either, but a seedbox definitely helps. I definitely give them 5 stars for there video content.


                            • #15
                              I agree this is a great tracker they also have cam/TS releases too although not as many different copies as other sites but still good, I wasnt sure whether or not they had cams/TS from the review so I just thought I would add that.