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    Tracker Type: Electronic Music, International, Live Sets, Ratio-based

    Tracker Birthday

    December 2004

    Tracker Description

    Great community that caters to purely dance music. All genres: Trance, House, Drum and Bass, Hip hop, Techno, Eclectic, Mix up, , Funk, Breakbeat ect... Large user International user base ~ 89, 000. Good active community with lots of other things than music. Caters to DJ, music producers and novices.

    TheMixingBowl | Facebook

    Radio Shows/ stations

    • Radio 1 - BBC Radio 1, home of the Breezeblock, Essential Mix plus many more.
    • 1Xtra - BBC 1Xtra, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Dancehall and more.
    • 6 Mix - BBC 6 Music's 6 Mix show.
    • BTTB - Back To The Basics - Eclectic German radio show.
    • Solid Steel - Ninja Tune radio.

    Audio Resouces / Information
    • Audio Formats: Information about many audio formats including MP3, FLAC, MP2 and Ogg Vorbis.
    • Audio Tools: Lots of useful tools to create your own mixes, edit and tune audio files (with guides).
    • Cue sheet: Everything about cue sheets (making them, using them, where to find them).
    • Media Players: Media players for your OS of choice.
    • Music Genres: Need to find out about wrong music or DnB? You've come to the right place!
    • Radio Shows: Radio Shows with lots of details (time, broadcasting format,...)
    • Radio Stations: Want to listen to Dance radios worldwide? Want to record them? We have info on frequencies, bitrates, direct links to broadcasting schedules and internet streams...




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    Free leach around certain times of the year, mainly holidays, the miximix competition



    Bonus System
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    Invite System
    Open Registration

    IRC Details

    If you dont have an irc client installed you can use this link : http//

    Donation System/Page

    Ratings & Personal Commentary

    An essential site for music lovers, DJ's, music producers, and beginners. Very friendly community with all the live sets you will ever need. Stays very current on live sets. Includes every essential mix, other BBC ratio shows, Mega Torrents, reader mixes.
    studio mixes Big bonus, tracklists are posted. Based in the UK for radio showsbut share to everyone. Old torrents are had to find seeders on but if requested people will upload. New torrents have lots of seeders with great ownloading speeds. Overall just a great community of music lover of all kinds. Bonus *Minimix Competitions also

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