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  • [Music] TranceRoute (TR) Review

    TranceRoute (TR) Review

    Tracker Name: TranceRoute
    Tracker URL: Latest trance radio shows @ - trance music download
    Signup: Closed/Invite only
    Tracker Type: Music
    Tracker Birthday: 1/29/2006 (originally as PureSound)

    Tracker Description:
    TranceRoute is a trance-specific music tracker. They have a wonderous selection of high-quality trance albums, singles, mixes, packs, and radio shows among others. All of which can be searched by style [Ambient, Chilled, Disco, Dream, Electro, House, Melodic, Progressive, Techno, Uplift, Vocal], bitrate [192k, VBR, 256k, 320k, FLAC], and date released. TranceRoute has a large number of exclusive releases uploaded by members that are not available on other trackers; eventually some of these releases find their way to other trackers like TranceTraffic. They are devoted exclusively to the trance genre, and you won't find other types of electronic dance music (EDM) here. The design itself is very clean, efficient, and self-explanatory. The site has a lot of skins to select from, or you can opt to automatically change the logo/banner daily.

    On to the screenshots!


    Site logo changes according to Style or Rotation selection.

    The homepage includes many samples of user mixes and recent radio sessions produced by TranceRoute's resident DJs at


    Tracker Stats:

    Torrent Categories:

    Browse Page:


    Freeleech torrent DLs are listed in green so as to distinguish them from normal torrent DLs which are listed in black (See Browse Page).
    Freeleech content can most easily be found by clicking on the "Most popular" tab while browsing available torrents.



    Bonus [Energy] System:


    Invite System:
    Invites can only be purchased through the Energy store. You must upgrade to the User class first to enable invites, then you can purchase up to 5 invites through the store at 95 Energy each.

    IRC Details:

    Donation System/Page:

    Ratings / Personal Commentary:
    As previously mentioned, TranceRoute is the most exclusive trance-only tracker out there. If trance is your forte, then you need this tracker! It is an active community, with regular forum activity and new user uploads of the hottest trance music. Any and all questions can be answered in the forums, which are easily searchable for whatever information you need. TR's IRC channel averages around 20 users at a time, but the few times I've been there, I have seen little to no activity. TranceRoute's radio station,, is very well-established and draws its music, DJs, and listeners from its user base. Invites to TranceRoute can be hard to come by, since they are only available to advanced members of User class and above. Keep in mind the trance-only exclusivity of the tracker! Active posting, commenting, torrent rating, and donations can also be made to "charge" your Energy for account upgrades and customizations. The Energy feature is quite unique, and can be a savior for those with low ratios. Seeding can be difficult at times, but jumping on popular releases early (RSS is available) and watching the available freeleeches can really help your ratio. If you have a seedbox, you'll need to add the IPs of your seedboxes and change the Recognition option in your user Settings to make yourself connectable.

    I highly recommend this classy tracker for any trance enthusiasts or even those just developing their passion for the genre.

    Content: 5 /5
    Community: 4 /5
    Speed: 4 /5

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    Anyone else getting problems loading the website? Had these problems for the past 3 weeks, the site loads up, but when I click anything else on the website like to download a torrent / read forums it just times out and I can't access it for a few hours, site is unusable for me.


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      It's working fine for me. Maybe you'd better clear your cache, temp internet files, and restart?


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        How does TR stack up against TT? I am a member of TT, but not TR and was wondering if TR is worth seeking an invite to. I am not in the habit of collecting, so if they have similar content I would not proceed w/ seeking an invite.


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          TR only allows Trance music, while TT allows anything EDM to be uploaded. Therefore TT has many times the amount of torrents that TR has due to the scope of the content being uploaded. If you are looking exclusively for Trance then TR might be the place to go. I'm not on both so I can't vouch for one over the other (in regards to the quality of their trance uploads). If you are looking for any other EDM (house, techno, etc) TT is where you want to be.

          I just got in TR the other day and I can say that I like it a lot. The community is very active and there is lots of content being uploaded, including tracker-only exclusives. The site layout is very nice and it is quite enjoyable to browse. Overall it is a great site!


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            I used to be on both TT and TR, but mostly used TT because of better speed and more torrents. Because of 3 months inactivity I lost my TR account.
            TT has mostly scene stuff. User rips are more frequent on TR. Because of that TR has almost everything trance related. TT misses a lot non-scene reld trance.


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              I used to be a member at TT. Lost the account a few months back :( I can say TT is more or less the best EDM source. Would love to try TR sometime soon though.


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                i am a new member to this website can anyone help me get an invite i love this type of music


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                  Hey, I signed up for this tracker a few days ago, but never received my confirmation email.

                  Can anybody post admin's email so I could find out what happened?



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                    You need to get your inviter to send an email to the mod thee. This is an issue there and has happened to me several times. Once sent through it will get sorted out in a day or two

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                    Oh yeh, sorry about that, nice guide lol


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                      i always thought that TT is better site then tranceroute. a lot of people says that TR is in the shadow of TT.


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                        I'm quite dissapointed with this site. I'm not into new trance and selection of classics is quite poor. Except for few scene packs there's hardly any 90s trance. Also psy and hard trance is not allowed.


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                          Originally posted by barcella View Post
                          I'm quite dissapointed with this site. I'm not into new trance and selection of classics is quite poor. Except for few scene packs there's hardly any 90s trance. Also psy and hard trance is not allowed.
                          Still TR is the best around,may be not your taste though,but you can try TT where so many nice and more features are there.
                          A big thanks for extJSDB for my new class upgrade.
                          A high 5 for all my friends .
                          Thanks IguessNot for the seedbox.


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                            Nice tracker.
                            Last edited by kiiler; June 12, 2013, 01:07 AM.
                            Special thanks to:linkboy


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                              Nice little tracker for trance..Recommended for all...Trance lovers :) Invite is also easy as it requires only 10% :)