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  • [Sports] American Soccer Archives (ASA) Review

    American Soccer Archives

    Tracker URL: American Soccer Archives .::. Index

    Signup URL: American Soccer Archives .::. Index->Signup

    Tracker Type: Sports (anything American soccer related)

    Tracker Birthday: May 19, 2010

    Tracker Description:
    American Soccer Archives (ASA) is an independent website developed and maintained by a hodge-podge group of soccer and computer enthusiasts located around the world. ASA is targeted at passionate fans of soccer within the United States of America and American national team players abroad. The ASA community consists of a tracker, a forum and a wiki. It was was founded by a core group of Hunt Park Insider tracker administrators and members after the website was retired.


    Home Page / News:

    Tracker Stats:

    Torrent Categories:
    US National Team (Men/Women), MLS Regular Season, MLS Playoffs, Yanks Abroad, Other National Teams, International/Club Friendlies, CONCACAF Champions League, Gold Cup, US Open Cup, USL, World Cup, World Cup Qualifiers, News & Highlights, U-20, U-17, MLS All-Stars, WPS, Superliga, College

    Browse Page:

    At this point in time, there is no freeleech available on any torrents. ASA is debating the idea of a "freeleech barrier," making certain torrents free after 30/60/90 days.


    Rules Forum / Ratio Rules:



    This is simply a general soccer chatroom on EFnet. ASA has no control privileges in the channel.

    Donation System:


    Ratings / Personal Commentary:
    ASA is the prime tracker for any and all American soccer content. This is a MUST HAVE tracker for any serious American Soccer fan! I have not encountered any trackers that provide Major League Soccer matches or as many US National Team matches as ASA. They have always had open signups and will continue to for the foreseeable future. The Staff is extremely friendly and always willing to accommodate your needs and answer any questions. If you have any previous torrent experience, and wish to volunteer your services, you will be rewarded with a higher rank as long as you help to further the community--whether through seeding the most recent caps, archiving specific content, or capping matches.

    There is a plethora of American soccer content. Nearly every single MLS match is capped, with an increasing number in high-quality 720p. English Premier League matches involving American players (Yanks Abroad) are also available on a regular basis. All matches are capped by ASA members. It is a very tight group of passionate soccer fans that runs this tracker. However, forum activity appears to be lacking. The same few members post regularly, and there is virtually no chat regarding the capped matches. IRC is nonexistent, aside from their link to the public #soccer channel on EFnet.

    As far as speeds are concerned--with my post for ASA on the Open Trackers forum, a few new users with seedboxes have helped increase speeds a great deal. Most users tend to seed from their home connections. Wait times will be removed as long as you keep above a 1.0 ratio. Many users at ASA are torrent newbies, and don't quite grasp the concept of maintaining a ratio--so there tend to be a lot of Hit-and-Runs. Well-defined rules are lacking and may need to be implemented in the near future to discourage users from HnRs and help further the community.

    Content: 5 / 5
    2 / 5
    3.5 / 5

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    Good job, but.... who watches American Soccer?
    Look what you did to my McCar! You McFucked it!


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      i have register above a year ago , but still haven't received validation email on mu gmail


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        PM me the email you signed up with. I can forward your request to the admin to hopefully get you approved.