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  • [Old] IPTorrents (IPT) Review

    IPTorrents (IPT) Review - May 2012

    Tracker Name: IPTorrents

    Tracker's URL:

    Signup: Only by donating 20$ on ::: IPTorrents Sign Up Page ::: or getting an invite.

    Tracker Type: General

    Tracker Birthday: 2006-04-18 (April 18th, 2006)

    Tracker Description:
    This tracker has been around for 6 years now, and it is one of the biggest general trackers out there.
    It has 179K torrents of Movies (64K), TV Shows and Packs (53K), Books and Applications (33K), Music (18K), Games (11K).
    10% of the torrents are free leech and you need to keep the global ratio above 0.96,
    so it shouldn't be too hard to survive on the tracker.
    Their servers has been upgraded a few times along the years, so the browsing is smooth,
    and the tracker is online most of the time (although the huge traffic).
    Most of the torrents are well seeded.
    The forums are huge and very active.



    Tracker Stats:
    No stats available, only Top 10/100/250.

    Torrent Categories

    Browse Page





    Bonus System

    [B]Hit and Run (H&R) Rules and Bonus Points


    Invite System

    Donation Page


    Personal Commentary:
    IPT is one of the best general trackers out there.
    It's very easy to seed and you have to keep the global ratio above 0.96 to be safe.
    10% of the torrents are free leech, and it's usually the 'hard to seed'/big ones.
    You don't need to have a seedbox to get a good buffer and survive here.
    It has very good pre times, and you can find almost everything there.
    It has great download/upload speeds.
    You can download new/popular torrents at 10MB/s and even more
    (if your internet connection is good enough), and old torrents usually at 300KB/s and more.
    The community (forums and IRC) is very alive.

    Personally I love IPT, and I suggest you all - get your invite today.
    Feel free to post your comments.

    Old reviews:
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    Thanks to dahpatriot & FrankandOak for their Votes

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    They recently started giving power users 1 invite/month without having to pay.


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      Love this tracker...good write up


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        I love IPTorrents good that both quality of speed and easy to maintain good ratio.


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          Originally posted by rein3 View Post
          I love IPTorrents good that both quality of speed and easy to maintain good ratio.
          exactly what I was going to say


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            IPT is certainly one of the best general trackers. It's a good choice, if you're new to the torrent world and don't want to waste your time with a mediocre tracker, just to get some ratioproofs for better trackers. Since they reopened their invite system for power users, it's not too difficult to get an invite. So my recommendation would be to start with this one.
            But even later, if your are not too much into exotic stuff, it'll most likely fill most of your needs. Also their big freeleech packs are pretty interesting for those, who don't have a big upstream.

            I don't use it that much myself, to be honest, but just because I'm more into spezialized trackers. So to me it's more some kind of a backup tracker, but I'm still glad to have it.


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              I couldn't agree more.


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                I always say IPT is one of the best trackers out there, but legit I haven't used it in like a year. I suppose once you get membership into more specialized trackers it loses its usefulness, but it can't be denied it's a pretty damn good tracker. I specially love the spring banner, idk something about it just cheers me up. It's the first stepping stone for many users and it will teach you a lot in the long run


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                  But they get way too big...
                  So many invites were blown out that really -everybody-
                  willing to join gets in...

                  And with so many members the ISP and Content abuses especially in germany
                  increases heavy...


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                    IPT is a well rounded general tracker, but it does not have strict release rules, as to how the releases should be packed, what kind of nfo must accompany the release and so on, so occasionally you get an inferior quality release than you would get from a tracker with stricter rules..
                    IPT has pretty good speeds, because it's filled with "ratiocollectors" , since it has so much freeleech. So it's very easy to maintain ratio and build it.
                    The design on the other hand looks like something you would have made in the third grade in your computer class back in '94.
                    But hey, overall a good tracker with easy seeding and good speeds and pretty decent content, although it's not as neat as some other private trackers.


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                      I disagree, I love the IPT design. It's not flooded with too much useless information. It's not a gazelle tracker so If you're into gazelle design you might find a bit confusing, but it's still an up2date design.
                      The use of very distinguishable category icons makes it very easy to scroll through the pages and get a first glance what type of release it is.

                      It's true that the quality of releases varies a bit especially when it comes to TV season packs but most uploaders do a pretty decent job and for TV there're better trackers anyway.

                      Those freeleech packs also have a pretty darn good longevity, I'm sometimes amazed that an over 12 month old pack still has a couple of decent seeders.
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                        I love how everything is set up. The freeleech packs save your ass when you are new to their site. Agreed gazelle gets kinda old. I like sites that have their own design.


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                          The big problem of this tracker are the terrible categories, everything is mixed up. For example blu-ray movies that are posted under Movies --> HD, when normally an HD tracker has about 5 different sections for it, on IPT everything is just dropped in 1 place. Besides this, I think the design is horrible and it hurts my eyes, there is no structure in posts (apparently the tracker lacks rules for that). The way I search is usually "moviename/tv serie name" + "Blu-ray" and then I put it on size, because the search system is so terrible that it'll show all kinds of content that have nothing to do with your search item, also if you put it on sort on size, it'll first show countless movie packs.

                          A positive point is the high amount of Freeleech on blu-rays and other content.

                          TL;DR: The content is good, but the tracker lacks structure, a good design and a proper search system.


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                            PietjeBell, have you tried checking the "title only" option during your searches? I've found that that helps a lot.


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                              I think the search filter is good enough to search and the design is also a decent one but what i want to see over there is the separation of the different contents and also different formats as all the contents are mixed up and you have to search for the exact content even in the search results produced.