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Torrents-4U (T4U) Review

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  • [General] Torrents-4U (T4U) Review


    Wanted !!!!! is a new private torrent tracker site! Has going for a few months now and is gaining a great good growing Community has amazing speeds to download films,pc games,xbox360,ps3,wii,psp,tv,apps,software and much more.

    With great deals for V.I.P for helping support the site.
    The staff are friendly and always ready to help new users with a little help and advice.

    All asks is that you keep a good ratio by seeding back what you take.
    All our torrents are on seedboxs so you will get great speeds when downloading so never again sit there waiting ages to watch that film or TV episode again.

    How to join
    go to google and type in and follow the step by step guide (see below)

    How To register

    Tracker Categories

    Recent Torrents


    Get more upload credit with your bonus which you earn for seeding back what you take :)


    We look forward to you joining come in shout and say hi!

    We are also currently looking for Mods and Trainee Mods so come along and have a chat with us !!
    Torrents-4U Recruiter
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    This is a review thread. Not a comments section to advertise your tracker. Please refrain from posting such messages. If you need to inform members of freeleech, please amend the details to your original post. Thank you.

    The majority of the posts were not reviews and, thus, have all been deleted. Further spam will result in infractions.