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    closed signup / Invitation Form with IRC Interview

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    eLearning and Musicology

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    December 2008

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    Help channel: #anonamouse-support
    Trivia channel: #anonamouse-Trivia

    MyAnonamouse is an established tracker nowadays with a very active community. Strikingly unusual for an eLearning tracker listing ebooks and audiobooks for the most part, the decision to give a home to music videos and video concerts. But don't let this choice confusing you as MyAnonamouse IS a full-flagged eLearning tracker and a must-have for all the musician out there seriously motivated to learn music. The videos are only an addition to the enormous amount of learning material dedicated to the realm of music: guitar or bass tabs accompanied by an FLAC/.mp3 of the songs, music sheet with or without related FLAC or MP3, music books, licks libraries and various instructional media; accounting for roughly 16000 torrents.
    However most of the content is filled by ebooks and audiobooks of various natures for an overall of over 34000 torrents. You won't find video tutorial here, but a gigantic collection of book sorted by variegate categories from fictional and non-fictional literature to magazine and comics.
    Ratio is not a problem as the Bonus system is very forgiving to your connection speed and new members get points donations from elder ones very often, besides you can always help yourself with the freeleech torrents always available. There are arcade games to play and Blackjack.
    In conclusion, even if you're not interested in learning music, but you enjoy reading, make sure to take your time to find an invitation to this very nice tracker..


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    bonus system
    You gain Bonus Points just by seeding a torrent you've downloaded off the site. For each torrent you are seeding you get 0.5 Bonus Point per hour. So if you're seeding 10 torrents for one day you'll receive 120 points. You also get points by joining the IRC chat.

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    Ratings & Personal Commentary
    Overall it's a tracker I am happy to be part of. Just get to the main channel and apply for an interview if you can't find an invitation. That's what I've done as the questions are fairly easy. Just be sure to know how to get connectable. The speed are pretty good considering most users don't have a seedbox here and if you can't find a seeder there's a reseed thread moderated in the forum to help you out. Speaking of the forum, it's very active and you can find thread for invitations and recruitments to other trackers like PTP, Bibliotik and more.
    They don't have video tutorial like Bitme, Docspedia or Bitspyder, but they excel on books, especially audiobooks. There's tons of literature to make happy any users looking for a known author. I would recommend this tracker to users having passion for reading and the will to share it with a very warm community. If you are a musician, by all means you need this tracker to help you out.
    MyAnonamouse can be considered a general ebooks eLearning tracker with a strong focus on everything music related. If you are looking for something very specific and rare, you might get disappointed. It's streamline education what you'll find here and forget about the pre-times and retention over two year period, nevertheless I don't miss them.

    Pretimes - 4/10
    Content - 9/10
    Speed - 7/10

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    Nice review Magnitud3. I just received invite for MyAnonamouse (thanks ForestAngel ) and I was amazed with reception there. Community there seems to be very friendly and I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking for good ebook/elearning tracker!


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      great review .... what i can emphasize about this tracker though is that in my opinion it has the best music learning content out of all similar trackers. specially for guitar.


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        Nice review mate! do you mind to help me check if they have Monocle magazine inside? i've tried a few trackers they don't have it. :(


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          Search results for "Monocle"

          Nothing found!


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            :( thought so, but thanks so much for helping.


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              I should have add that besides looking for an invitation from a T-I member in the giveaway sections and joining the MyA IRC to apply for an interview, T-I has also a Recruitment Thread specifically for this tracker here, if you aren't aware of it just yet.


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                I would like to say that MyA is really a Good tracker which is filled with pently of study material, and the guys in there are awesome and very friendly. Besides, it is very easy to get in compeared to other good e-learning trackers.


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                  Very good ebook site. Easy to maintain ratio. And staff are very friendly there.


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                    how is this place as far as ebooks are concerned? I'm looking for everything from best selling fiction to self help/how-to to college course books and everything in between where non-fiction is concerned. i've still yet to get a straight answer on which is the best private tracker for this purpose.

                    so far i'm on elbitz and ebookvortex, but i'm relatively new to them and haven't given them anything but basic look over. anyways, thanks for any help.


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                      I've been on myanonamouse for a couple months now. The community is great there, and the audiobooks, which are my main interest, are extensive. I have run into some poorly seeded/non-completing torrents, and I've had to look elsewhere for some more obscure things that I learned about from audible...but overall, it is a great place to find audiobooks and ebooks as well (my ebook library runs to 15K titles, so I really haven't added many ebooks from MyA, to be truthful).

                      Compared to the slick & quick media sites I am a member of, MyA does have it's quirks: No passkey system, so seedboxers like myself have to put forth extra effort to log in and make sure our torrents connect. Often (such as just a few minutes ago) I will get a 500-server busy notice when I try to browse. I do notice lots of error-outs on my seeding torrents there, probably due to server overload on their side. Honestly, I think they should have a big donation drive to try to upgrade hardware...but what do I know.

                      The community there is really cool, very welcoming! Nicest place ever.

                      Ratios should NEVER be a problem with their bonus system. I even have to randomly gift points every once in while because I earn lots of points by seeding 60-100 torrents at all times.


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                        Hmm, are there tons of comics?
                        So fuhqued up.


                        • #13
                          No comics I believe.

                          But it's a pain in the ass trying to set a seedbox up for this tracker.
                          And it's very hard to seed.


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                            What are the inactivity rules on this tracker? Can I park my account?
                            My Giveaways: 33%
                            Don't buy Bose :001_tt2:


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                              Yes you can park -> Account parked yes no i don't know if this is only for power users check