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  • [Sports] Formula Monkey (FRM) Review

    Tracker Name: Formula Monkey

    Tracker URL: :

    Tracker Type: Sports

    Formula Monkey is a Motorsport tracker with a great community of Motorsport fans. The content is dedicated to anything to do with Motorsports from F1 to practically all the races around the world in sections such as videos, magazines, pictures, e books and more.

    Due to the specialised content seeding isn't the easiest but there are tons of freeleech to boost your ratio. Speeds are good and torrents are usually uploaded within 30 minutes of being aired on TV.



    Tracker Stats

    Browse Page



    Site Rules

    Bonus System

    For every hour you seed 1 torrent you earn 1 Bonus point. You can exchange the points you accumulate for upload credits or other 'perks'

    User Classes & Promotions

    Similar to most trackers the user classes are as follows:

    Parasite - ratio below the minimum of 0.35 after downloading more than 10GB
    Regular User - normal users like joe bloggs.
    Power User - uploaded a minumum of 50GB and have a ratio of 1.25 or better
    Donated User - Users who have donated
    Points Premium User - Users who have used their Bonus Points to upgrade their user status
    VIP - users who have been selected by the Admins
    Mods - people with power

    Invite System

    To receive invites user's will have to gain the Power User status, once gained you will receive unlimited invites!!

    IRC Details

    Port: 7777
    Main channel: #TheJungle (please use the same nick as your forum username!)
    2nd channel: #spoilers (for discussion of TV shows / events as they happen, without ruining it for people waiting to download the torrent!)

    Donation Page

    Donating here doesn't give you invites or upload credit or bonus points, but here is what you do get:

    Highlighted username and custom title of your choice in the forum.

    Advertisements on the site are hidden

    Immunity from any ratio restrictions on the torrent tracker.

    Personal Opinion

    Overall I feel that Formula Monkey is a great tracker with good content, good speeds and an active community. It's not the best looking of trackers but the content definitely makes up for this.

    Also the request section from what I have seen seems fairly good with requests usually being accepted within a few days, also anyone can submit a request it doesn't matter what status you are.

    Surviving on Formula Monkey isn't as bad as say some music trackers, but I would recommend a seedbox as you will need to seed for a long time to build ratio up as it is specialised content. But don't forget there is freeleech so that makes life easier!!

    With freeleech once a file is set to freeleech it is usually freeleech forever. You cannot request freeleech, only admins and mods decide what to put up as freeleech but new files usually appear every other week.

    If you are a real enthusiast of Motorsport then this is the place for you!


    Community: 8/10
    Content: 9/10
    Speed: 8/10
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    Re: Formula Monkey | FRM | Sports | 2011

    I can almost smell the new reviews, but also new Trackers


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      Could anyone do a new review?


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        This tracker now sucks. Torrents take forever to be uploaded because the torrents have to be from their internal group. They practically monopolized their torrents and torrents that are even 1080p from other sites are not allowed. What a load of shit.


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          Don't waste your time. Not only is the content gone, speeds slow (due to so few users) the moderators are now nazi's and assholes. Dont waste your time with this tracker. let it die.