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  • [Old] 3DTorrents (3DT) Review

    3D Torrents (3DT-O)

    Tracker's URL :

    Signup URL :

    Tracker Type : Ratio

    Tracker Birthday : Jan 20, 2011 is a ratio tracker that focuses exclusively on 3D content tracker. Content categories at time of this review are: 3D Movies (full length and clips) in SD, HDTV, 720p, 1080p and ISOs; 3D Software, Adult and Audio Packs. Being a 3D tracker support 3D formats are Side-by-Side, Over Under and Ana-glyph 3D. Content is not as extensive as 3dblurayiso, but keep in mind that there is not a lot of 3D content available at this time and registration is not locked like 3DBRI. The tracker is fairly new. Their admin Gotti said that the site went live in January 2011 and has about 4000 users in June 2011. A lot of people find the site through Google because it is in the top search result.



    Tracker Stats
    none, their Admin Gotti told me that they have 4000 users in June 2011.

    Torrent Categories

    Browse Page




    Bonus System

    none as of 6/2011. I'm a new to the site and currently have the rank "member".

    Invite System
    none as of 6/2011. Sign-ups are open, but may change in the future.

    IRC Details
    none, n/a

    Donation System/ Page

    Example Torrent Description page

    Ratings & Personal Commentary
    I found this tracker via Google and it seems pretty new so don't expect too much. The 3D tracker of choice is 3dBlurayISO, but that is currently invite only. There isn't much 3D content out there today, so having a dedicated tracker save you the trouble of finding these on public or other non dedicated site. The torrents are well seeded with only about 3 dead out of over 200 active ones. Top torrents have 30+ seeds and downloads are fairly speedy, but might not be up to par with some of the other top private torrents with lots of members with fat internet pipes. One of my favorite features of the site is the How To page which was really helpful for me as a newbie 3D enthusiast.

    A small warning to folks with no 3D experience. You will need a 3D cable TV set and glasses to view any 3D content. You do not need any special PC software to play 3D content, but you will need 3D software to convert 2D content to 3D. 3D files will tend to be bigger than their equivalent 2D counterparts. This is due to having to store the image for both eyes in a single file.

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    Re: | 3DT-O | General | 2011

    Do they have Irc?


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      Re: | 3DT-O | General | 2011

      Originally posted by Special one View Post
      Do they have Irc?
      Still no IRC as far as I can tell. I checked today and search the forum as well. What are you trying to do?

      I also got a message that the site has now gone "invite only". Most members depending on their site status should have 1 or more invites. The seed bonus system has also been enabled so users can invite their friends that was as well by exchanging points for invites.


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        open sign up and much better than expected , I hope that the future will be better


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          When is this 3D stuff going away? I am ready for hologram television and movies.


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            how do i get an invite to this site


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              I really like 3DT. They have a lot of stuff there. Everything I tried I found there. If you have a 3D tv or laptop, its a must have tracker.
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                Sorry, but registrations are closed.
                You need an invitation in order to signup.

                Thanksanyway :/


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                  Originally posted by Miguelrlz View Post
                  Sorry, but registrations are closed.
                  You need an invitation in order to signup.

                  Thanksanyway :/
                  Yeah and what? This is a review not an invite giveaway. You can find lots of threads giving 3DT away in this site.

                  Regarding 3DT its a great tracker and is only getting better from what i can see. This review could do with being updated as so much has changed.
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                    nice review bro


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                      for some reason-I cant see the torrents list anymore and I am registerd there...
                      EDIT:Just got that I wasnt active on the site so I need to register again...Well I will try to get an invite from here...
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