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  • [Old] JPopsuki (JPop) Review

    Tracker name:
    Tracker url: JPopsuki 2.0
    Tracker signups: Invite only
    Tracker Type: Music/Audio
    Tracker Birthday: 9th September

    Jpopsuki is one of the best music trackers that has been around for 4 years. It is Considered as the best tracker for jpop music. Jpop is an abbreviation for japanese pop. The site is gazelle based. The switch took place recently and signups were open for some time. All old data was lost and members had to signup again. The site crossed 16000 users and more than 10000+ torrents were added. The site is currently closed for signups.

    Logo: An attractive logo isn't it?

    Home: The home page contains the Announcements,last five torrents, last five recommendations,polls,stats,staff recommendation and much more.

    Site stats: Huge user base. Thats what you will find here.


    Browse: As you can see torrents are not very frequent but its not bad either.

    Freeleech: freelech is quiet frequent and helps in maintaining you're ratio. Don't bank on freeleeches though.Freeleeches are marked with freeleech! tag next to them

    Forums: Many members are always active on the forums. It ends up in you having fun.

    Rules: The same normal rules but are enforced to perfection here.

    Bonus system: You get 0.075 points for every torrent you seed per hour. In short if you seed 100 torrents you get 7.5 points per hour.

    User class promotion: Promotion is difficult unless you upload there. All you can do is reach member level without uploading. Have a look

    Invite system:

    Irc: This sites IRC is very active. Infact they have some stunning milestones. Users range between 1000 and 2000 on the irc. You can check the irc details page to find more interesting IRC stats.

    IRC server:
    Main channel: #jpopsuki
    Support channel: #jpopsuki-support

    Other things you should know about the tracker:

    9th september: is the sites birthday and they have open signups every year along with global freeleech. Signups also open on special occasions.

    Uploading: Everyone is allowed to upload. They have music and video specific rules that should not be broken. If you break these rules you will get you're uploading rights removed.

    Uploading rules:

    specific rules:

    Also have a look at the DONOT upload list

    Ratio rules: Considering the amount of freeleeches and the bonus system it should not be difficult to maintain ratio. You can also check the bonus section here on TI for bonus points giveaway.

    If you fail to meet above requirements you are put on ratio watch.

    Radio and tv: few know jpopsuki has its own official radio. music played here is obviously jpop and just awesome. You might like to check it out
    radio streams at 192 kbps.

    Tv: You will find some jpopsuki videos running here 24*7.
    heres the tv link

    Sorting according to artist: you can select the artist section to find uploads of a particular artist. You will find all albums and videos of that artist.Makes things easier doesnt it.

    Request: there are 11000+ request of which 65% has been filled.

    Video Uploads: This tracker hashes Music as well as videos. Heres a screenshot of videos only.

    My reviews: Indeed the of jpopmusic. You can find everything you wanted here as long as it falls under jpopmusic.Competitions always go on to keep the forum activity running. Torrents speeds are quiet good and increase every minute.Design goes hand in hand with the site and can be used to find different rips of a specific album/uploads. Uploads here are in flac mp3 320 kb mostly.Snatches are good enough to keep you moving with a good ratio.


    Content: 09/10 (You can find all jpop music here)
    Design: 08/10 (Gazelle based sorting is always awesome)
    Speeds: 08/10 (Speed here is really good)
    Rarity (Content wise): 08/10 (really good)
    Radio: 09/10 (Awesome radio I really loved it)

    Thank you for reading.
    I gave you everything the site gives to its users.
    If you need anything (except invites ) please pm me.
    Hope you liked the review.
    Keep rocking
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    Re: | JPop | Music | 2011

    Nice review. Hats off to you :)

    Iam a fan of jpop too! One question jpop music videos are available on this site?


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      Re: | JPop | Music | 2011

      Originally posted by CodeGeass View Post
      Nice review. Hats off to you :)

      Iam a fan of jpop too! One question jpop music videos are available on this site?
      Yes they allow video uploads as well. I have added a screenshot showing videos only on the site at the end of the review.

      If you need anything else just ask me for it



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        Re: | JPop | Music | 2011

        This is indeed a great tracker, the review enforces the music from Japan, but they are really strong on korean music too.
        Lots and lots of PVs are availible there.
        Need some help in portuguese?
        Send me a PM


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          Re: | JPop | Music | 2011

          yeah im in it too.its very great trc.


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            Re: | JPop | Music | 2011

            Originally posted by syns
            can i get the invite?
            This is NOT the right place to be asking for invites. You can request invites in the appropriate forum once you reach 33% completion. The forum: Requests

            the post regarding this has been deleted.
            Last edited by tm775; August 15, 2011, 09:32 AM. Reason: updated


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              Thanks for the review.
              I want to point out that most of the images are down though.


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                The images got updated thanks to LibChamp.


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                  What are the inactivity rules on this tracker? Can you park your account if you can't log in for a long time? Do they ban for logging in from other countries?
                  Last edited by salty; February 21, 2012, 01:56 PM.
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                  Don't buy Bose :001_tt2:


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                    Originally posted by spandexninja View Post
                    What are the inactivity rules on this tracker? Can you park your account if you can't log in for a long time? Do they ban for logging in from other countries?
                    your account will be disabled after 3 months of inactivity and since it's gazelle based tracker there is no "Park Account" option.


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                      you shouldn't worry about. it can be restored easily.


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                        Wow. This is a blast from the past for me. I used to use JpopSuki all the time. Such a great tracker. Sadly, I'm sure my account is long gone now, as I haven't used it in years (not so into that kind of music anymore). But anyone who loves Japanese or Korean music should definitely check them out.


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                          A tracker specialized in japanese pop music . I start to use it some days ago.


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                            It's simply the best tracker for asian music! I'm using it since 2010 and it's perfect! There is a lot of rare stuff in there too.
                            I just regret that there is not more TV related torrents... But apart from that the tracker is perfect :)


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                              Is is this tracker only tracks japanese music or does it also have korean music? Asian music in general?