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    24 Hour Freeleech
    Yet another year has passed bringing us to MusicVids’ 11th Anniversary, which we will celebrate with a 24 hour freeleech (for those who'll see golden coins), starting at 20:00 server time. We are also handing out 1 invite to everyone above the default new member class of User.

    Please, use your invites wisely. Inviting individuals who had previously already had an account is forbidden. Failing to comply with this may result in the ban of your account and disabling your whole invite tree.

    If you do know a disabled member who would like to return, advise them to come to our IRC support channel and talk to Staff about getting the account back.

    Happy birthday and thanks for your continued support!


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    hi i would like to ask for an invitation if you can for the torrent thank you very much in advance


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      email address [email protected] thank you in advance