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    Doesn't say unti when.

    Today is Animebytes' seventh anniversary!

    A lot can change in a year so we'll just highlight some of the major changes and improvements, in case you missed them first time round.

    The staff team has seen shuffling, reshuffling and some more shuffling. Once again we'd like to thank everyone for their time and exceptional work on the site, you can find the specific names on previous announcements should you care. In addition we have more sad departures not yet publicly announced yet in the form of Xyresic and dib. We would like to wish them both the very best in the future.

    There were a lot of competitions, seasonal events and the yearly collage happened recently. Special props to theChristmas event which you all managed to make a roaring success with your Christmas trees, avatars and artistic submissions. Similar sentiments to the Halloween event.
    We had a lot of fun making the April fools event which was probably our most active thread of all time based off a single day's activity. Thanks to the people that played along, and even more thanks to the people that fell for it.
    Finally and most recently, we had our Fifth AB Collage, which has now concluded. It was a lot more effort to submit your votes this year so we're very pleased with the user participation levels being as high as they were. The collage has been made, and the results are in. Thanks for the votes as always.

    Moving on, Airing Anime is now in it's second full season of roll-out and we're pretty pleased with the reception and performance so far. Here are the current season's titles and subgroups.

    User limit was increased from 15,000 to 18,000 this year. Open applications are now closed due to the sheer volume of apps. We now encourage you to use your invites -wisely- as AB is now a relatively closed tracker.

    The 1,000,000th forum post also happened quite recently, which unfortunately is hidden in the Legend forum for you lucky people who can read it.

    That's about all for now. For the upcoming year we hope to bring more site improvements, specifically to the uploading process and a complete rules revamp for acceptable content, with the addition of more formats. Details of that to come when appropriate. We may also be reopening donations in the upcoming months for those people wondering.

    Thanks as always for your incredible activity and dedication to the site. We really appreciate every report you do, every upload you make and so forth. The site of course, would not function without you. As a small token of gratitude, we're setting a global freeleech of seven days for our seven years of existence.

    Love and regards,
    AB staff.

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    For 7 days there will be freeleech for 7 years of it's exsistence, oh joy, more stuff to horde :D


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      They currently have a one day freeleech right now!