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    Down since 25th (3 days at time of writing)

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    Up now, but closing soon.

    The End ? -2 days, 2 hours ago
    Writing what will likely be the final news item here at TorrentShack does not come easy.
    We have had many ups and downs over the years but have always come out on top. This time however it appears we are fighting a battle that we have little response to.

    After nearly 6 years we have done what many people said could not be done. We started a Ratio Free site and made it work ! The odd retention issue aside, we had a system that for the most part worked pretty well. It allowed those with lesser connections access to content without having to fork out for seedboxes to keep a steady ratio.

    We managed to hit the top of the pile in racing releases. We remained number one for a good few years before deciding that we had proved our point. What made it more satisfying was doing it on a shoe string budget, proving that you don't need to fleece the userbase for thousands as an excuse for being number one.

    We overcame being taken down by F.A.C.T, the loss of various PayPal accounts and yet kept on fighting.
    All of these were tough, but we came through. What we are struggling with as of right now, is people to run the site. We have lost many talented people to Real Life during the course of this journey but have always had people to fill in and take over. Now we are about to lose another and we simply do not have anyone to fill those shoes.

    This leaves us with the options of struggling on and be unable to fix things when they go wrong, as has been the case recently with the ipv6 issues and other connection problems. Or hand over the site to someone else, not knowing who they are or what their intentions are.

    The security issues with this second option is a total non starter. The site will NOT be run by an unknown person(s). Your security and details are to important for us to let that happen.

    Whilst we will still try and sort this issue, you should be aware there is a very real possibility of us going offline for a good deal of time. Perhaps never to return.

    Should this happen, I have a list of those that have donated and I will make every effort to try and return funds to those that kindly donated to keep the site running. The server has been renewed for another month, but at the end of January we lose our last coder/Hardware guy to "Real Life" and have no options on a suitable replacement.