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    2018.05.16 - 有关开放邀请注册及服务器维护后续问题的通告

    1,HDChina将于2018年5月19日开放邀请权限,并全站free,于2018月5月20日零点关 闭。
    3,严禁任何形式的一人多号、交换邀请、以及邀请交易的行为,一经发现一律禁止账号并依情况ba n tree。
    注意:如在邀请时,填写邮箱后点邀请,弹出此邮箱已注册,请勿再更换邮箱邀请,可能此人因作弊,贩卖等原因 ,而拉入黑名单,如强行更换邮箱邀请,所造成的后续后果需由你自行承担,包括您本人的账号将会被封禁并不接受任何申诉理由。

    所有受邀人都会被管理组逐一审查,受邀人若无法在24小时内回复管理组的信息账户会被立即禁用 。


    HDChina invitation system will be opened on May 19, 2018, site-wide freeleech will be issued at the same time. Invitation system will remain open until May 19, 2018. (All invitation link will only valid for an hour).

    You are not allowed to exchange invitation with another user, register multiple accounts for same person.

    Trading is strictly prohibited.

    Please only send the invitations to people you familiar with, DO NOT invite people who violated rules(such as cheating and trading etc.) in HDChina, otherwise, you and your invitees' account will result in ban with no mercy.

    Tips: when you see the system saying "The email have already been used." when you trying to send out an invitation to your "friend," you should stop sending the invitation to this person immediately because your "friend" is very likely violated rules in the past time.

    Notice that ALL the invitees will be reviewed by our staff and failure to respond messages from staff within 24 hours will lose their account.

    ====HDChina Staff====

    The information below only applies to members from Mainland China:
    1. 无法打开种子页面:请清除cookie及缓存。保险起见可卸载并重装浏览器(请注意保存原有浏览器的个人信 息,善用浏览器的备份/同步资料功能)。
    2. 下载到不带有自己passkey的种子文件:已查明系cdn问题,已联络服务商并已妥善处理。若用户发现用 户信息页面下出现不明下载/做种记录,请到控制面板处重设passkey(请注意,重置passkey后你将需要更新所有现存种子所包 含的passkey,如有必要请自行了解如何批量修改passkey)
    3. 红种:导致红种的原因有很多种。其中,维护后本站加密证书不再支持WinXP,故请以http方式连接tr acker。有关其他红种原因请贴带tracker错误信息的截图以便求助,否则请用户自行解决。

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