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    RevolutionTT news

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    RevolutionTT has just announced their new non-VIP announce channel (previously tracker announces were only available to donors), and are currently accepting applications!

    Originally posted by RevolutionTT staff
    Oh hello there..

    New IRC channel (#announce):

    Due to popular demand we have created a new #announce IRC channel for new torrents. The output is very script friendly!
    You can enable this channel in your profile
    Read more here

    New User Applications!:

    Ever had those pesky friends/family members that constantly ask you for the latest movie or game? Well now is their chance - revTT has applications available for (almost) everybody now!
    Just send them to ... but remember:
    • We allow only 1 account per household, so make sure no room mate or anybody else living with you applies.
    • We don't allow dupe accounts, so if they ever had an account before then send them to Revolution :: IRC Help to try and get it enabled.
    • Applications from VPNs or mobile connections are not allowed.
    • The following countries are banned and we will not accept applications from them: Algeria, Brazil, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia & Turkey.