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    News related to TorrentVault (

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    Those that lost their accounts will need to rejoin, I believe open sign up is still on the cards


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      Database crash and downtime

      From the front page:

      Originally posted by TV-Staff
      Due to unexpected issues caused by a crashed SQL-Database, we unfortunately lost 2 weeks of tracker activities..

      These 2 weeks means that we need to catch up to some things, and also means that our users will be affected by this..

      Some of the problems this will cause to our users are:

      1) We lost 2 weeks of uploaded torrents, which means a lot of torrents will show as "unregistered torrents" in your clients.. You are free to delete those. Our uploaders will try to re-upload as many as they can, and as usual new releases will be uploaded as well.

      2) Some users upload/download stats will be changed.. A lot of users will unfortunately have lost some of their upload/Marketplace Gold.. We really apologize for this.. We have activated Global Free on site, in hope that you can re-gain some of your lost ratio.. Once again, we apologize for this..

      3) People who donated within the last 2 weeks, unfortunately lost their ViP status.. You can send a message to any staff member with proof of your donation, and we will make sure this will be fixed, and we will ofcourse add the missing 2 weeks to your donation period..

      4) We recently had open signups, and we lost most of these users. We havent decided how to make up for this yet, but might be a new open signup..

      Our developers have set backups to happen more regularly so we hopefully wont experience this again..

      We humbly apologize for all the problems and issues this cause our members, but shit happens, and noone is perfect.. Unfortunately..

      // TV-Staff
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        TorrentVault is dead

        Latest news from IRC:

        Originally posted by ToTalXS @
        As you know the site and the tracker are down.
        Our Sysop left few days ago and didn't give us any clues as to what's going on.
        Is it the end of TV ? We don't know but we prepare ourselves for the worst.
        It's not the first time and we can't leave you in this precarious situation.
        So we decided to give you a chance to find another tracker and our friends at GFT (GForceTracker) agreed to offer you a shelter on their private tracker.
        We thanks all the Staff there for their kind gesture.
        So if you are interested in joining GFT you have to do the following :-
        1) Configure your IRC client to connect to the gft server ( port +6697 for ssl port 6667 for non-ssl )
        2) You must use the same username as the one you have in the TV IRC channel (IT'S IMPORTANT)
        3) Type /join #gft-refugees
        Once there, Gunslinger will give you voice if usernames match and GFT will give you an invite code to join their tracker.
        Obviously as the site is down we can't send a PRIVMSG to all users but only for users connected to IRC.
        Also, if you would like an invite to AR (AlphaRatio) message DV8 your email and he will TRY to invite you as soon as he can, if he can.
        Note that you weill only have 1 day to confirm your invite after it is sent.
        Keep checking your email, it may take a few weeks.
        Everyone PLEASE read >> TV says Goodbye -