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Death of Ultimategamer

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  • Death of Ultimategamer

    So far enter the tracker and read the news from the admin and say they close because of a hackeo. It hurts now lovers of the games we were with less chance of places like this. Now look at where to emigrate

    this is the message:

    It is with deep sadness I am writing this, Conker and I have decided to shut down UGC. This decision comes directly after our site was hacked and all users given administrator privileges. Now, you may say why not fix the problem and salvage the site? It has always been our mission to provide gamers a home for free at no cost to you, the member. We are not in this to constantly worry about assholes hacking our site and putting our user base in harm's way. So with that said we will be closing within the next 24 hours. Use this opportunity to get all the games you before we shut it down for good. The site will be free till the end and it's really sad to see our massive VR collection die. However, we are massively proud of the community we build in our one and a half years online and we wish you all well in this life and all the lives you play.
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    That is a Sad news :(


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      That's really bad. I was just thinking of joining this site, there was a recruitment thread on PTP.


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        I was also going to try and join. Sad when a piece of the community dies.


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          Looks like he's coming back :

          We are working to fix all the holes in this code and it will result in some extended downtime but we sure will be back and make everyone aware before we go down.


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            After BCG's left I haven't been able to find a gaming tracker worthwhile but its still so sad to see more of them fall


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              UGC is taking too long to go online that has the potential. great tracker for games