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    We hope you enjoy your stay (spread the word) & join in the fun with our ever growing community. If you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact one of the staff members who will be delighted to answer your questions & help you along your way. Why not choose your own style for PTF ! simply choose the styles option & make your own theme, You can also share your theme by submitting it for all to see & use. Have fun.

    Shoutbox is below this News

    Inactive Accounts
    Inactive accounts are getting ridiculous. New policy is if an account has not been used in over a year, it's gone.

    Client Whitelist and Blacklist

    Please try to donate, even small amounts on a regular basis do help, costs do keep going up instead of down. So if you like what we offer and keep you supplied in what you like, please please please consider donating.

    Donations have been very low most of the year and things are looking critical!

    Please donate even 10 amounts will help.
    The donation site comes up as BitDev Forum and has a valid SSL Certificate, so don't be worried, thats how we do it!

    Monthly Donation Special:

    -Donations of 10 or more: Double the Karma Double Free Slots!
    -Donations of 20 or more: Triple the Karma and Double Free Slots!

    [Note: Donation amounts are in GBP - Great British Pounds. You can convert from your local currency to GBP using: ]

    Donations have been low all last year, we really really need cash flowing in at this point

    *** and remember, when 60% Donation goal is reached, site wide FreeLeech will be activated for the remainder of the month!
    You know you want one of those special stars next to your name

    Posted Images in Shoutbox and Forums and Upload posters
    As of March 2016 - All images posted in Forums, Shoutbox, and used in uploading content, must now be uploaded into our BitBucket:
    External image links will not work.

    Hit and Runs - Your responsibility
    Lately some of you have been amassing hit runs and then don't seem to realize why your site privileges (such as download ability) have been locked out. You know who you are, or should know. Check your My Snatches pages, or better yet, read the PMs you received when the hit runs were processed :p

    Hit runs become permanent when the torrent drops off the site for whatever reason, before you have resolved it by either seeding it back (seedtime or ratio) or by using Karma points on the My Snatches page. If you get too many permanent hit runs then your other recourse is to make a site donation depending on how many hit runs you have, the donation amount might vary from 15 to 50 to put your account back into good standing.

    Site Security and SSL Certificates Update
    Due to advances in SSL cryptography methods, the old SSL Certificates using SHA-1 have now been replaced with SHA-2 type Certificates. In layman terms, this means that the data encryption used between you and the site is way better now! Your safety and security is very important to us!!

    If you want more information, Read More Here

    If we had not done this before Nov 2014, some browsers such as Chrome would have started giving you hissy fit warnings about PTF's SSL Certificate. Now you can rest assured that all will be well without you needing to do a thing

    SSLv3 POODLE Attack Vulnerability [CVE-2014-3566]: (Oct 15, 2014)
    SSL version 3.0 is no longer secure. Browsers and websites need to turn off SSLv3 and use more modern security protocols as soon as possible, in order to avoid compromising users private information. Modern browsers such as Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome will stop supporting the user of SSLv3 by November 1, 2014 (or sooner).

    We have already disabled the use of SSLv3 on site, so if you have any problem with site or site images, you will need to:
    1. Update your browser
    2. Change your browser configuration to disable SSLv3 and enable TLSv1
    3. Restart your browser

    More Info:
    POODLE Vulnerability Info
    How to change browser to TLS (registration req'd but is totally safe, we run that forum)
    Chrome release timeline 2014 (ZDNet)

    If you can still browse the site and see logos and everything, then you are fine and do not need to do any changes to your browser.

    We are looking for a few new staff members, if you would like to be a part of the PTF Team to help keep this great site running smoothly, please go to this link and follow the directions:
    Read and Apply Here

    IRC Bonus:
    The race is on! From this point forward in time IRC Bonus and IRC total idle time will be stored. So better get to IRCing!

    Take a look at our Request section and see if you can fill any of them.

    Seeding Time:
    All downloads must be seeded for either 48hrs or to a 1:1 ratio each. The time your PC is off or torrent client not actually seeding does not count, nor should it logically ever count. You know (or should) how much time you actually seed a file, torrent clients tell you when a grab completes and is easy to then seed for at least 2 days after that! The longer you seed, the more karma bonus points you earn!!! Seed more than the minimum time on anything you grab and there should never be a problem with ratio, being a 'leecher', or hit and runs! You may check each download's seeding time remaining by looking at My Snatches. Hit and runs (not fully seeded back) will not be tolerated!

    If you look at your profile, you will see if you are connectable or not to the tracker. If you are not, then follow the steps in or you may end up losing download ability!

    PTFlavaZ Radio!:
    We are looking for DJ's to broadcast on PTFlavaZ Radio. If you would like to apply please post here
    If you are a PTF DJ and need to get on the stream, contact ShadowManQ in IRC

    PTFiles Community Toolbar:
    Download Your PTFiles Community Toolbar Here.

    For those using fast seeders and getting errors such as:

    Forced use of SSL for USA IP's:
    Due to the July 12 start of USA ISP's monitoring for piracy/torrenting on their customer connections, it is in everyone's best interest to use SSL to browse site and torrenting. We will be implementing forced SSL usage for USA IPs very soon, in the mean time we ask that all USA members immediately switch to using HTTPS: on their own. The sooner you do, the safer you will be.

    Any member can choose these SSL options in their profile settings:
    Force SSL Site : Force SSL browsing of site.
    Force SSL Announce : Force SSL announce URL.

    Thanks and be safe!
    ShadowMan and staff

    Passwords should not be the same on different sites, you should always use different passwords on different sites! Do not use easily guessed passwords! See the following Forum Post for more information: 95#31195

    Any PTF account which is breached due to a member using the same password on different sites will be locked out pending review by staff.

    Site wide FreeLeech time:
    When donations reach the goal amount, FreeLeech will be activated for the rest of the current month. Donation goal recycles on the 25th of each month.
    So if the donation goal is reached on the 26th of any month, site wide FreeLeech would be in effect the whole month until the 25th!

    Remember FreeLeech means the downloaded amount does not get counted, but All downloads must still be seeded for either 48hrs or to a 1:1 ratio each.

    Site pictures and smilies - can't see them?


    SSL Certificate for site (as of June 18)
    As of this date, we now have real SSL Certificates, so your browsers should all show SSL connections without needing to click to Accept/Make Exception/etc.

    If you have any difficulties, try clearing your browser cache first, then LOGOFF site and LOGIN again. You can also try deleting your browser cookie for PTF.
    Then if you still have problems, ask our staff.
    Thanks and stay safe!