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    Recent downtime :: Posted 4 hours and 40 minutes ago

    Recent downtime was unscheduled, but we're OK. None of the rumors you are seeing anywhere are true.

    We're currently moving to some newer servers to get rid of a lot of technical debt to help us improve things moving forward. Some of you may know that occasionally the site can hiccup or generally be slow or particular services (Zooey..) can be troublesome.

    Unfortunately, we were supposed to move with our original plan over the weekend - which as you can see had other plans for us.

    The original timeline has already resumed, and will be expected to happen Wednesday/Thursday. It's anticipated that this should only take a couple of hours, however it may take until Thursday to get everything 100% again. This includes IRC.

    If you're worried about seeding averages, that is going to be addressed after we move to new server. We will swap to a maintenance page when the cut over begins.

    Sorry for all the troubles. Thanks for hanging in there with us and being patient.

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    Fortunately the tracker has no downtimes currently, which is nice to hear.