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    It has been a crazy week, filled with lots of joy and many sleepless hours! The community has welcomed us with open arms and that makes us more determined than ever to keep going strong.

    We're almost finish with re-branding the site from XANAX to APOLLO, we've introduced some great new stylesheets and picked a new default - LinoHaze created by our member Linotype!

    Yesterday we upgraded our servers, the site is flying - even with over 650.000 peers AND global freeleech. Requests are up and running, new forum sections and some minor edits to our IRCD and we're ready for action.

    Some forum sections have received specific rules and are found in stickied posts.

    What's next? Forcing our tracker to go SSL-only is undergoing testing and should be ready soon. LogChecker is top priority and is only a few days away. Once the LogChecker is done, all existing torrents will be checked automatically, so don't hold off on uploading your perfect collections!

    In other news, we have a site-wide vote going on for our acronym. We're going to pick a new default logo & favicon and continue to update stylesheets continuously. We're also hard at work eliminating the rising torrent reports, which are now at over 2000+, which is pretty crazy!

    Would also like to clarify that creating invite-threads on tracker and torrent-specific forums that allow them, is permitted for the time being.

    We've also opened up for interviews for new users on our IRC network. The channel is #recruitment - spread the word!

    Thank you so much for all the support, keep on inviting new members for our community and let's continue our road to greatness.

    IRC Interview Channel: #recruitment @
    Official IRC Support Channel
    #help @
    My Giveaway


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    Thanks for all the work! Really enjoying it so far!


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      My real life friend went to their IRC and was accepted in and if you are a respectful person and know how to follow the basic rules of the scene and demonstrate that clearly then apollo is basically open signups at the moment no invite needed just a quick chat in their IRC channel.


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        Apollo News

        Update 6 4 mins ago
        Whoo-hoo! Our first version of Log Checker is up! We will continue improving it as time goes by. The log checker is automatically checking the logs on new uploads. For older uploads, please check our Log Checker page: There you will find a list of your uploaded torrents that have no log score. All you have to do is select the torrent from the list, and upload the log files in the form below it.

        Comments here:

        We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your incredible efforts. A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed Together, we have reached 163,469 uploaded torrents and 766,130 peers in a week. We you!


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          Many people on IRC now. I have been waiting there for 2 days and recently read this "For those of you waiting - don't lose hope! We are well aware of the queue and are beginning to gear up to take care of these." Hopefully soon!


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            Apollo news update 7

            UPDATE 7 3 HOURS AND 25 MINS AGO
            Hola lovely people!

            Our IRC network is officially open. Please join us on (ssl) or
            6667 (non-ssl). To invite yourself to our channels use the following command: /msg APOLLO enter #apollo,#announce <username> <irckey> (change <username> and <irckey> to your username and irc key). You will need to set IRC key in your profile (EDIT > ACCESS SETTINGS > IRC key) to get invited.

            We've also got a community challenge for you If we reach 300,000 uploads, and 100,000 "Perfect" FLACs by December, 8th 23:59 UTC (3 days), free leech will be extended by another 3 days. If you beat this challenge, there will be another one after it We will continue with the challenges until you fail or we reach 500,000 "Perfect" FLACs So come on people, show us what this community can do!

            Once free leech ends, you will receive the following:
            1 free leech token for every 5 "Perfect" FLACs you uploaded
            1 invite for every 20 "Perfect" FLACs you uploaded
            *calculated since day one

            There is a lot of work to be done, and we need your help! We are recruiting users for the following teams:
            Clean up team - Clean up torrent/group descriptions, cover photos, titles, etc
            Designers - Designers and CSS developers to make us awesome new themes & graphics
            Developers - PHP, MySql, Python, C++ and Javascript developers
            Interviewers - Interview new members on IRC
            FIrst Line Support (FLS)- Help other members

            If you wish to volunteer and contribute to any of these teams, please apply by sending a staff pm.

            Attention current & former NoStream members, we have been notified that NoStream's database has been leaked, if you are using the same password on Apollo, please change it asap.

            Thank you all for your efforts and support!

            Comments here:

            //Apollo Staff


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              Good on the staff, they are doing great work. Obviously 300,000 torrents will not be reached by the end date, but 1 week freeleech is more than plenty.


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                the speed in which torrent sites can grow now is insane. hasn't it already overtaken the size of oink?


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                  i just went nuts and downloaded like 500GB so I can build up enough upload buffer while the gettin is good. Trying to build an upload buffer on a music tracker once its matured is incredibly painful. Almost reached 100GB uploaded :) yay


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                    No way we will hit 300k that fast


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                      I'm currently in their #recruitment channel trying to get an interview, but there are something like 200 people idling. Any idea how often they have been giving interviews?


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                        They stated they were incredibly backed up and the queue was long. All you can do is wait it out. It is worth the wait and I can confirm they are indeed accepting people as my friend in real life got into the site through IRC interview when they first started them.


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                          Apollo News Update 8

                          UPDATE 8 7 MINS AGO
                          Hi everyone,

                          Here's a quick update:
                          We've reached 240,000 torrents, 82,000 perfect FLACs and 1,400,000 peers! That's more than 60,000 torrents and 30,000 perfect FLACs in 2 days. Incredible job everyone! you are continuing to amaze us We will be extending global freeleech and make another community challenge if we reach 100,000 perfect FLAC's by today's deadline (23:59 UTC). In addition, the top perfect FLAC uploaders will receive a special gift

                          Logchecker - You can now upload missing log files for your snatched torrents
                          View Log - We have added a log viewer, you can now view log and score for torrents with log
                          Bug fix - Filename limit error has been fixed
                          Teams recruitment - We have received over 150 applications, thank you, everyone who applied, we will get back to you asap
                          Donate - You can now donate to Apollo and help us pay the site's bills

                          Thank you for your efforts and support!

                          //Apollo Staff


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                            They've just extended the FreeLeech for another 8 hours.


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                              Apollo news update 9

                              UPDATE 9 2 HOURS AND 57 MINS AGO
                              Amazing job everyone you deserve an extension for your remarkable efforts. We are extending the deadline by 8 hours Go Go Go! Only 7,000 perfect FLACs are missing to beat this challenge!