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    Halloween is approaching again!

    We love the Halloween on Hounddawgs,
    and therefore we repeat last year's competition.

    Show us your pumpkin carving!

    We will announce again HD's finest pumpkin carving.
    I have a week from today, so it's just to get going .

    Post a photo of your pumpkin carving in THIS THREAD
    and win one of the fabulous prizes.
    Keep a note with your HDnavn in the picture
    (and no, not photoshopping).

    deadline for submission is d. 25.-10., and then
    will be held using ballot.
    winners will be announced d. 1 to 11

    Prizes are as follows:

    1st Prize: 1 month's donor status, 250,000 bones and three invites to HD
    2nd Prize: 1 week's donor status, 150,000 bones and two invites to HD
    3rd Prize: 24 hour F2L, 100,000 bones and an invite to HD