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    The time has come once again for's birthday celebrations! We're turning 11 this year, which is quite old in "private tracker years". Please help us to celebrate in any number of ways; take advantage of the free leach, upload some nice content you have laying around, or even just wish us a happy bday in the forums or on IRC! Our Birthday topic in the forums can he found here.

    We'll kick off the Celebrations with Site-Wide Free Leech on EVERY torrent, old and new! Please note that every torrent will be free, even if it doesn't have the normal red *FREE* marker on it. Then after a few weeks of that we will turn things up a notch and add Site-Wide 2x Upload into the mix. When the Free Leech kicks off you will see a red notice on every page that will say something like "11th Bday Free Leech". Once we start the 2x upload that will change to something like "Free Leech + 2x Upload". We will also edit this News post to reflect when things start and end.

    Site-Wide Free Leech turned on!

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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and have a Happy Holiday season no matter what you celebrate (or don't). In times past we have done a short site-wide free leech, but coming out of such a long birthday celebration with all that free leech we don't really think free leech on that scale is needed again so soon...

    However, we will be having a little Holiday Uploading Competition. Users are encouraged to upload any Christmas or winter holiday themed movies that we do not yet have on the site. Staff will make the torrent *FREE* leech, and it will remain free until January 2nd 2017. To get your torrent made free faster, use the "report torrent" function at the bottom of the torrent description. Report it as "Christmas movie, please freebie". The user who uploads the most torrents will get a grand prize! This competition will last approximately two weeks until January 1st 2017, 02:00AM GMT. Check out this topic here for more info.

    There's other holiday happening on the site as well. Anyone that wants an easy 10,000 bonus points and a possible 250GB in upload credit should check out this topic here!.

    Staff will also be making every existing Christmas themed movie on the site *FREE* if it already wasn't. They will remain free until January 2nd, 2017. You can check out a list of these movies here!

    A little reminder about seeding: you must seed every torrent you download for a minimum of 1 week or until you hit a 1:1 ratio. We see a lot of users that are ignoring this rule just because they have a good overall ratio, and this is completely incorrect. No matter your overall ratio the minimum seedtime rule still applies, and users who continue to ignore this rule will be punished accordingly (like with a site warning, disabling of download privileges until they get seeding, or in extreme cases losing their account)

    It's one thing if you download dozens of torrents every month and you happen to hit and run on 1 or 2 of them. With hit and runs like that we tend to be lenient or possibly ignore them in most cases. But if you have more hit and runs than torrents you seed properly, you can expect a visit from the Grinch very soon. Please heed this warning to prevent the Grinch from visiting your account...
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