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    'Tik is in need of an efficient new server, which we'd like to rent for a full year so as to take advantage of the cost savings available. This means that we need members' help to pay for it. If you're:

    A VIP
    An Uploader
    A Previous Donor in receipt of the Spinny Disc
    A Power User who has uploaded at least 3 torrents to 'tik

    Please click on the DONATE! text link top right of the page and PM Lurch with your contact email address and an idea of how much you'd like to donate - in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros or GB Pounds please. He will then get in touch with you via that email with the relevant details. Priority will be given to the largest donations so don't please don't worry if there's a delay in his reply, everything will be most welcome over time. Please also advise if you'd like a Donor's 'Spinny Disc' or a special title by your username or some GBs of upload credit.

    Many Thanks!


    Our MOTWs reach 500!

    In recognition of this the film, The Look of Silence, will be Platinum for 2 weeks instead of the usual 1. As will the matching DVD and the companion film to this, 2012's The Act of Killing.
    The links are all in the featured MotW's Announce, to view click on the banner on the Browse page.
    Next Saturday will still see an MotW as usual, though.

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