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    Two-step verification

    From today, a new feature is available on the site.

    The new Two-step verification feature is designed to increase account security.

    Any info about it will be found in the wiki.

    In the meantime, in the forum new topics "Hints and Tips" and "bugreport" are open for this function. Please write all comments there, you do not open a new topic.

    At the same time, we added to the login page a +1 field into which you will give the interim generated code. These codes can only be relevant if you have activated the profiler, in other cases is not relevant and the system will ignor it.
    That is, if you do not have two-step verification turned on, it's all the same to leave it or write something, then the system does not account login.

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    Probléma: Helyezés, feltöltött adatmennyiség nem frissül, Hit'n'run listában szereplő torrentek állapotjelzésének valótlansága.

    A probléma megoldásán dolgozunk, remélhetőleg hamarosan javításra kerül.

    Állapot: Folyamatban

    Problem: Ranking uploaded data volume is not updated, torrents of status indicators are false in Hit'n'run list.

    We are working on solving this problem, hopefully will be fixed soon.

    Status: Pending


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      Thanks, good tracker.