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    If you would like to apply to receive an invitation to invite someone you know and trust to the site you will need to PM Alastor and be obligated to meet the following requirements:

    You must have been a member for a minimum of 12 weeks
    You must be Nugget class or above
    You must have a minimum of 50 snatches
    You must have a minimum of 1.1 ratio
    You must have no warnings

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    We have made quite a few changes at TtN lately and we're still working at making the site better and adding more features. We have been working hard on our tagging system and it is coming along quite nicely. Here are some screens of the site.


    Even when I post something positive the haters simply cannot wait to start shit posting. Congratulations guys on keeping it going as it really must be hard work being a hater. Your families must be so proud of you haters, so proud indeed.

    Thanks to everyone else that posted/will post positive comments.


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      We hope you will all extend a warm welcome and congratulations to both Sn1p3r31337 and Mopthefloor who have recently joined the staff team. We believe that they will both be invaluable in assisting the current staff team in the daily administration of TtN.

      // Staff