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    Invite system ,

    I know How many of you want to buy invites from the shop FLCoins. Now you can do it, just stay AT seed , and when you HAVE FLCoins you can get invites for that person you want . The problem was that the old system of invitations it had. Not really allowed us to do all sorts of cute stuff, so I completely rewritten to be able to do what many wished.

    I made safer, better, faster and certainly more practical and useful.

    These are all changes you've made:

    -We passed an invitation code-based system;
    -Improvements to security and prevention of those who abuse and invitations given money or undesirable places;
    -Call option to buy from the shop with FLCoins (regardless of userclass);
    -Special status Rank () now offers unlimited invitations.


    We thought that with the implementation of the new system and to celebrate a bit.
    For several days the Shop you can buy a ticket to a low-cost, very low. We thought maybe you still have friends who do not enjoy this community with us, so if necessary you can buy in from the shop with FLCoins an invitation to them.

    Have a wonderful weekend as!
    FileList Staff

    PS: As usual you can provide feedback, suggestion or criticism topic below!

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    We recovered partially, but still there are small problems With cleanup, which causes the torrents appear as "Dead" and may not appear on search. Torrents have not disappeared, they can be navigated manually by Dead Including filter.

    We apologize for any inconvenience, is working to resolve problems.
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      Thank you for your patience while we were down. The issue has been resolved, and we're back up and running.

      Due to the down time, we will be extending Halloween FL until sometime Saturday. This should give everyone a chance to grab any scary movies they may want despite Halloween being over.
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        14/04/2017 - uploaders wanted.
        01/04/2017 - global free leech.